Olson on the Huskies

The Cats may be 2-0 in the conference and Washington may be 0-2, but the Huskies have a ton of talent and will give the Wildcats all they can handle in their next game. Lute Olson discussed the Huskies and other aspects of the Wildcats on Monday's press conference.

On Washington:

"The biggest problem is they have a really good inside-out game. They have very good shooters on the perimeter. They have got Hawes inside who is a real problem. Brockman is a horse on the boards. We are going to be facing a situation similar to what we had with Stanford.

"They have two very, very good inside rebounders, and yet they probably have as good a perimeter shooting team as there is in the league. Their combination of inside-out is the big thing.

"Appleby has been shooting the ball extremely well and gets down the court in a hurry. We have to make sure we pick him up early he launches those threes in a hurry.

"It will be a good test. The game at UCLA, UCLA just shot the lights out and hurt them badly on the fast break. Washington is still doing what they have done and that is sending five guys to the boards. That I the gamble you take. Their point guard has 17 offensive rebounds. That is a problem making sure we get them off the boards. It is also a huge problem for them if they don't get the offensive board, which is what happened against UCLA. UCLA got the boards and got a lot of breakaways on them.

"In the past Washington has been able to send five guys there and were quick enough to get back and recover defensively. It is obvious that one of our primary goals is to make sure we rebound and put pressure on getting them back on defense quickly. I look for it to be an up-tempo game."

On Radenovic being named Pac-10 Player of the Week

"I think that is a deserved honor. My opinion it could have gone with either Ivan or Staf. They have never done Co (Players of the Week) for some reason. I think Ivan's defensive presence and rebounding and scoring, the honor was a well deserved honor."

On their games against Washington last year

"I think it is going to be that type of a game. I think it will be closely contested. There are a lot of similarities with the teams.

We don't have the inside presence that Hawes gives them. The fact Ivan can hit the way he does from the outside will put a lot of pressure on Hawes to defend him. We are anticipating them to play a lot of 2-3 zone. Stanford tried that too, but we just shot the lights out against them. I was pleased with our guys making the extra pass and getting the wide open looks."

On the Stanford game

"We need to learn to be able to deal better with two inside guys. Hawes is like the Lopez twins. If they get the ball in deep you have a problem. If you front him then you have the problem of the over the top passes. We have done a good job on those. We need to do a better job of the other perimeter guys of getting the outside board covered."

On Jawann McClellan's rebounding

"We need his defensive rebounding. Look at his stats, his offensive rebounding is stronger than his defensive rebounding.

"He has to turn that around for us. He is the guy who is tough enough and physical enough to hold his ground underneath. He has to do that. He is the guy who has to rotate down on (Jon) Brockman. He has to battle. The same is true with Chase (Budniger). Chase is still playing too upright near the basket area and is getting moved around. With his jumping ability, sometimes you think you can get by with your jumping ability, but it does not do good if you are being pushed out of bounds or behind the basket area. That is going to be obvious point of emphasis for us."

On the recent play of Jordan Hill

"Jordan did a nice job when we got him in there against Stanford. His presence inside was also a factor with his size. There is no question he will become a key factor in this game."

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