Arizona Still Very Much a Factor For Ndudi Ebi

Houston's Ndudi Ebi, one of America's five best prospects from the class of 2003, has now taken official visits to Arizona and Duke and returned home without committing to either of the national powerhouses. This Friday through Sunday, he'll get the most pressure yet when he travels a couple of hours Northwest to Austin for his official trip to Texas.

After a weekend spent in Durham, North Carolina visiting college basketball's reigning king, Duke, Ebi came back home to Houston a free man.

Saying that he was aware that many across the country expected him to commit to the Blue Devils on his trip, Ebi simply treated the visit like any other and tried to get a feel for the coaches, players and campus.

"I had a good time," said the 6-9, 200 WF Ebi. "But I had a good time at Arizona and I'll have a good time at Texas. The (Blue Devil Alumni game) didn't have any affect on me at all. I know people want to impress me but it's not about that."

After spending a week at Michael Jordan's camp with His Airness Himself, it's doubtful that watching the likes of average NBA players like Christian Laettner and Danny Ferry left much of an impression on the nation's most veratile big man.

"I am not in awe of anyone," Ebi said, deadpan. "Everyone is a human being just like me."

Ebi did say that he enjoyed the time he spent speaking with Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski.

"Coach (K) is a nice person," he said. "I liked talking to him. Duke is a first class program like Arizona, Texas, Indiana. They are all good. I like all the coaches at those schools. Right now, I'm just working on my game and trying to get better every day."

When asked about a rumor that he had told the Wildcat coaches before he left Tucson that he "would be back" and that he "wanted to be a Wildcat", Ebi was very straightforward without expanding on the topic.

"Yeah," he said. "I think I said that."

When asked to elaborate on whether or not that might mean he wanted to play at Arizona, Ebi said, "We'll see. I just want to enjoy my next trip (to UT) and then work on my game some more before I decide what I'm going to do."

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