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UCLA holds onto the top spot while the Sun Devils can't find any daylight down in the cellar.

Pac-10 Conference:  Week 3 Ranking


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(14-1, 3-1)

Few teams will win at Oregon this year.  That said the loss to the Ducks coupled with an Arizona win would've resulted in the Wildcats catapulting to the head of the class.  The Bruins will look to return to their winning ways when they travel across town to take on the formidable Trojans on Saturday.






(12-2, 3-1)

Wazzu got the best of Arizona last week but I'm not convinced that the Cougars are the better team right now.  Arizona's season long resume gives them the edge, but that could all change this week even if the Wildcats sweep the Oregon schools at McKale which I expect they'll do. 



Washington State



(14-2, 3-1)

It'll take more than an overtime win over Arizona at home to leap frog the Wildcats and their gaudy SOS and RPI rankings.  Perhaps a road sweep of the Northern California schools this week will be enough to do the trick.  In fact, I'll say it now – that will do the trick for me.






(14-1, 2-1)

You can't blame the Ducks for losing to USC at the buzzer when a game with #1 Bruins loomed ahead.  Will they make the same mistake twice in two weeks by overlooking the Sun Devils in anticipation of their showdown with the Wildcats in Tucson Saturday?  I doubt it.  What I don't doubt is that another split looks to be in the works.






(13-4, 3-1)

The Trojans remain a riddle wrapped in an enigma.  If they somehow beat the Bruins this weekend, they could be the team that catapults to the top of the rankings because they'll have the most impressive conference resume thus far with wins at Oregon, at OSU, Washington and UCLA. 






(11-4, 1-3)

Yeah…we beat ASU.  Too bad it's 2007 and not 1990 when ASU was actually good.  Right now, the Huskies are hovering in this spot on reputation alone.  They are a good team.  I'm convinced of it.  They're just young.  Is it too early to say that the games at Stanford and Cal are must wins right now?  Unfortunately for UW, the answer is no.






(10-5, 2-1)

You've gotta give the Bears credit where credit is due.  Opening the season at Arizona and then playing at Stanford you could've never predicted that this injury-ridden team would be 2-1.  They host the Washington schools this weekend, drawing Wazzu first.  If they can catch the Cougars still basking in the glow of their victory over Arizona, then it'll be Cal who'll be shining bright Thursday night.






(9-4, 1-2)

I'm amiss over Stanford.  Young or not, this team has too much standout talent to have only one win and have it be over ASU.  They must and I mean must beat one of the Washington schools this week to keep their heads above water.  No team with aspirations of winning the conference title can afford to lose at home, but a home sweep this week is asking way too much.



Oregon State



(8-8, 0-3)

The Beavers will draw a Wildcats team who's anxious to get back on the court after losing their fist game in their last 13 tries.  Coach John will get a warm welcome from the McKale crowd but I'm confident his team won't Thursday night.  OSU will have a better chance of finally breaking into the winning column on Saturday in Tempe.



Arizona State



(6-9, 0-4)

Coach Sendek keeps preaching that there's more than one way to measure a win.  Hopefully, for his sake, he figures out that one way to measure a win is to actually win a game – he'll get a great chance to do so when the Beavers come a calling Saturday afternoon.


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