Cason to leave a legacy

Antoine Cason gave Mike Stoops quite a scare on Wednesday when he told his coach he was opting for the NFL Draft. The Wildcat junior, who's more known for not biting on a fake rather than giving a fake, remained stone faced while his coach squirmed. He did not play the same joke on local media when he announced he was staying at Arizona.

"He got me," Stoops said of Cason's prank.

"My heart started to flutter in a bad way," the head coach continued. "He held it out on me for about a minute. I was pretty upset at the time."

Cason was indeed goofing around. He informed the staff that he was going to return for his senior season and not test the NFL Draft waters, but not before having a little fun at the expense of his coach, who Cason admits can make his life a little tougher if he wants.

"I had to get him one more time before he gets right back at me," Cason laughed.

Cason actually made up his mind while on winter break but continued to mull things over until he was ready to publicly.

Cason cited a number of reasons from getting his degree to a chance to finish what he started when he came to Arizona three years ago.

"I came here with the mindset to help a program turn around and be a part of a team that is turning around," Cason said. "What I saw last year it influence me. I didn't want to help, help and leave before we got to our goals that we talk about in meetings."

Cason will receive his degree next December and will have his diploma when he enters the draft. Accomplishing that goal was just as important as the on-field success.

The on-field accolades are a factor as well. Cason wouldn't come out and say it, but he has a chance to be one of the more decorated players to come through the program.

"He has a chance to go out like a Tedy Bruschi and all the great ones here," Stoops said. "That is the type of player he is. If we can continue building on what we built off last year, his legacy will be cemented in Arizona football."

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