Tello takes in Tucson again

With a limited amount of scholarships to give for the 2007 class the Arizona coaching staff is forced to limit the number of offensive linemen they can bring in this year. It looked early like the number to get was going to be three but now it seems as if they will bring in just two. The have one and tackle and now they impressed maybe the top inside guy on their board this weekend.

Norco, California offensive guard Adam Tello was in Tucson this weekend finally taking his official visit to the Old Pueblo. Tello had previously set up his visit to Arizona twice but had to cancel both times due to the success of his high school team in the playoffs.

"It was a real good visit," said Tello of his 48 or so hours in Tucson. "I liked it a lot. I have been there before but that was a quick unofficial visit. I am glad I took the official visit finally since I had to cancel twice before."

While in Tucson Tello was hosted by fellow Californian Eben Britton and the two hit it off according to Adam.

"Eben was my host and he is a good guy," admitted Tello. "He is a cool guy and a real good guy. He showed me around and allowed me to see everything that I needed to see. I can easily see myself playing next to him on the line."

Adam was given the normal tours of the facilities and the campus and the city of Tucson on his visit. Although he liked everything he saw it was something else that truly impressed the big lineman, the food.

"I like the facilities, they are nice," he said. "I really like how everything is so close to everything else. Like the baseball field is literally across a small street from the basketball arena and the football offices and the football stadium is like right there too. That is kind of how the whole campus is. It is nice, I liked it and there are a ton of restaurants there. I had the best steak of my life on my visit. I think that is all I had when I was there. Everywhere we ate I ordered steak. This one place though, I can't remember the name of the place, but it was the best steak I have ever had. I was a really nice and fancy place."

Another thing that stood out to Tello about his visit to Tucson was the time he got to spend with the coaching staff and one coach in particular.

"I got a great chance to get to know the coaches," he said. "I spent a lot more time with them this time and that was great. Last time I only got little time with them because they had a game but this time I got to spend a lot of time with them all and especially Coach Wolford. Coach Wolford is a great guy and I really like how he treats his players and how he mixes it up with them all. He jokes around with them and everything. I could easily see myself playing for him, I know he is a great coach and his guys all really like and respect him a lot."

Tello went on to say that he is hoping to have a final decision after his visit to Tempe next weekend and that as of right now he does not have a leader.

"I don't really have a favorite right now," he admitted. "I think I should be able to decide after my visit to Arizona State next week. I will say that I really liked Arizona a lot and I had a great time there on my visit."

Stick with for the latest on Adam Tello as the big man from Norco closes in on his decision.

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