Week 5 Stack Ranking

Arizona finished the first half of conference play one game above .500 with a win over ASU last night. Tonight, four games could all come down to the wire as the upper echelon teams are all on the road. USC and UCLA visit the Bay Area while the Oregon schools venture into the state of Washington. For Arizona, a game with fourth-ranked North Carolina awaits them Saturday.

Pac-10 Conference:  Week 5 Ranking


The Stack was pushed back due to the UA/ASU game last night.  The Pac-10 Weekly Stack Ranking usually posts every Wednesday.















(18-1, 6-1)

The Ducks have won five in a row since their last second, two-point loss to the Trojans.  During the winning streak, they've beaten both UCLA and USC.  Next up is a trip to the Pacific Northwest where they draw the weary Huskies before heading to Pullman for perhaps the conference game of the week.  Could this week be the week that Oregon's luck finally runs out?  If Brooks has any hand in that answer, it'll most likely be an emphatic, buzzer beating "NO." 






(17-1, 6-1)

The Bruins are good enough to get the Bay Area sweep but it could be upset city in Maples Pavilion on Saturday.  Stanford's frontline can win the battle down low leaving the game's outcome in the hands of the guards.  That's where the good news is for UCLA as Collison, Afflalo, Shipp and Roll have been too much for teams to handle of late.  Just ask Arizona and Arizona State. 



Washington State



(16-3, 5-2)

An overtime loss at Stanford inexplicably knocked Wazzu out of the Top 25, but a 75-47 home win over hapless Washington was good enough to propel them to #18 in the ESPN/USA Today poll.  It's nice to see that the voters quickly saw the error of their ways.  Up next is a visit from the Oregon schools and there is no reason to think that the Cougars can't pull off the sweep and jump into second place at the halfway point in conference play.






(15-3, 5-2)

USC got the impressive resume win over Arizona and a Top 25 ranking.  Now it's time to impress even more by winning on the road in Northern California.  Neither game will be easy for the Trojans as they have no one who can single-handily stop Cal's Ryan Anderson or Stanford's Lopez twins.  I'll be shocked if USC can pull off the sweep with the more likely loss coming at the hands of the Cardinal.  That said I won't be surprised if USC loses both games which will bring them back down to Earth.






(14-5, 5-4)

Arizona stopped the bleeding and got the much needed win over in-state rival ASU.  Next up is a visit from North Carolina who is coming off a rout of Wake Forest 88-60.  Saturday's showdown should be a good one but it'll take a great effort from UA to beat the young and talented Tar Heels.  How Marcus Williams responds from his one-game suspension (he will play Saturday) and whether McClellan can hit the three-ball will go a long way in telling if the Wildcats can pull off the home upset.    






(12-7, 4-3)

Cal gets first crack at UCLA but more than likely they'll just be softening the Bruins up a bit for the Cardinal on Saturday.  While I like Cal as a team, I can't imagine them beating UCLA but I could see them recovering in time to best the Trojans on the weekend.  They will need great games from Ubaka and Anderson just to be competitive against the Los Angeles schools.  So, it'll most likely be up to players like Hardin and Wilkes to make the difference in whether or not they win or lose these games.






(12-5, 4-3)

Stanford is primed for the upset of the Bruins on Saturday.  The problem is that USC comes to town on Thursday and if the Cardinal overlook the Trojans they could easily find themselves with a losing conference record by the time Sunday rolls around.  Stanford needs to start to pad their NCAA Tournament resume so a win over either USC and UCLA would go a long way to assuring the Cardinal a spot in the final 65.  To do just that, they'll need sophomores Hill and Goods to continue the fine play of late to free up the Lopez twins to do their thing inside.






(11-7, 1-6)

Believe it or not the Huskies were 10-1 at one point this season.  Then conference play began and boy have the tides turned.  All is not lost though.  Five of Washington's first seven conference games have been on the road where the Huskies are winless this season in six tries.  At home, the Huskies are 11-1 with the lone loss coming to a good Arizona team.  Up next is a visit from the Oregonn schools.  If Spencer Hawes is healthy enough to play, his presence on the floor could be enough to help his team upset the Ducks.  Regardless of Thursday's outcome, expect Washington to most certainly get a win over the Beavers on Saturday.  If they don't, then cancel Christmas because the Huskies might not even make the NIT.



Oregon State



(9-11, 1-6)

I can't even begin to imagine what the final score will be Thursday night in Pullman.  Has there ever been a shutout in men's basketball?  The only thing that may distort the final victory margin for Wazzu will be the fact that neither team plays at an overly fast pace.  Limited possessions will be the Beavers best friend but I don't know if they'll be many pats on the back if the Cougars hold them to less than 45 points.  As for Saturday's game in Seattle, expect the Huskies to take out five weeks of frustration on the buck-toothed Beavers.



Arizona State



(6-13, 0-9)

So much for ASU having their best chance to beat Arizona in McKale maybe ever.  After Wednesday's 71-47 loss to the Wildcats, Sendek's squad is well on its way to a winless conference season.  For the Sun Devils, Saturday is a day off where they can sit back, relax and think back on all the heartbreaks of the past five weeks.  All is not hopeless though.  They played well against UCLA and Stanford and lost by only four points to Cal and by five to Oregon.  They'll get to play the role of conference spoiler the rest of the way and the team that falls victim to the Sun Devils might just be the one deserving Pac-10 team that gets left out of March Madness.


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