Olson stresses the second half

The Wildcats had their worst home loss in the Lute Olson on Saturday, but they are not focusing on the North Carolina Tar Heels. Instead the Wildcats are looking ahead to the second half of Pac-10 season. Here are some of the highlights from his Monday press gathering.

Opening statements

Our primary emphasis is we have been through the first round of the Pac-10. We know were we stand as far as the league is concerned, and the people in the league. That is our focus is on now.

Through tapes and other things we are trying to correct the problems we have had within the league, either it be in games we won or games we lost.

On the recent play of Jordan Hill

Jordan has played really well the last week. He figures much stronger in the second round of conference than the first round. The first tour and he was getting a feel. We need to figure a way with him to keep him out of foul trouble. We definitely need to keep him in the game.

On Hill avoiding mistakes

It is part of growing up. If you see things occur one mistake followed by another mistake followed by another mistake then that is a problem. We are seeing fewer of those things now, except for him picking up fouls. He is picking up fouls by trying to block shots in people's hands. We will spend 15 minutes with him today (Monday) on that alone. He needs to be protective of his fouls. When we put him back in (against UNC), we said don't foul. If it means giving up a basket or giving up a foul you give up the basket. Someone is going to react in the normal manner until that normal manner is gained through experience.

How to succeed in the second half of the Pac-10

We need to do a better job of taking care of the ball. Defensively we talk all the time on communication.

We need to be more patient for the good shot to come against good teams. You play against bad teams maybe it is two or three passes and then the shot is there. Against good defensive teams it may be seven passes before the good shot is there. We have to be a lot more patient about that. We need to set better screens and move better without the ball.

On watching the UNC game tape

I have not watched it. I told them not to watch it. We need to review what we did in the nine games in the league and do better than we did before.

On the importance of the second half of the Pac-10 season

It is critical for us in a lot of different ways. The major thing is putting yourself in position where you are talking about seedings and all those types of things. Before you just get through the first half and go from there.

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