Week 7 Stack Ranking

Oregon State drops to last place on principle alone. Wazzu and USC do battle for second behind the Bruins. Arizona holds steady - for now - while Oregon take a bit of a hit. Looking ahead, the Wildcats and the Cardinal have the best opportunities to make serious jumps with good road trips. They also probably have the most to lose so it'll be fun seeing how they perform under the pressure.

Pac-10 Conference:  Week 7 Ranking


In light of tomorrow's National Letter of Intent day for college football recruiting, the Pac-10 Weekly Stack Ranking is making an earlier than usual appearance.















(20-2, 9-2)

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The Bruins held a rare "open to the public" practice last Saturday when the Beavers literally quit competing two minutes into the game and instead spent the afternoon basking in the So Cal sun.  I hate to call out a team but what Oregon State did was ridiculous.  The Bruins trampled them 82-37 and the game wasn't even that close.  I swear at one point the Bruins ran the 3-man weave up the court for a dunk.  In fact, the entire second half was like a 3-on-2, 2-on-1 fast break drill.  This week, USC will prove to be a much more formidable opponent but I think the Bruins will head to Morgantown on Saturday still recognized as the Best in the West.



Washington State



(19-4, 8-3)

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Both the Cougars and Trojans deserve this spot so I asked myself what's more impressive – Wazzu's sweep of Arizona or USC's sweep of Oregon?  Considering that each of USC's wins over the Ducks were decided on the final shot while Wazzu pretty much dominated the Wildcats twice, I'm giving the nod to Washington State.  Hear this though, the Cougs seemed to let their hair down in the McKale Center after their win last Thursday and it nearly bit them in the tail as it took a missed three pointer at the buzzer to get the 48-47 win over the Sun Devils on Saturday.  They better return to their edgy, "no respect" attitudes or else the visiting Cardinal might get em' this week.






(18-6, 8-3)

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The Trojans will look to avenge their earlier one point loss to the Bruins by upsetting UCLA at Pauley on Wednesday.  The mid-week match up favors the Bruins in that they haven't played a "real" game since last Thursday while the Trojans had to battle the Ducks down to the wire last Saturday.  Keep an eye on Stewart and Gibson.  If both can be productive beyond their season averages the Trojans will unseat the Bruins. 






(19-4, 7-4)

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All would've been fine had the Ducks won at the Galen Center on Saturday.  Instead, they now find themselves 0-2 in the second half of conference play and will have to play two very desperate teams from Arizona this week.  The Sun Devils are still looking for their first conference win while the Wildcats are looking for their first quality road conference win.  The buzzer beaters and game winners were falling for the Ducks the first time through conference play.  Against USC they had no such luck.  They've proved that they're good enough to compete with anyone.  The question is, are they good enough to pull away from the better teams?  If they aren't the Law of Averages will most likely catch up to them and it could be the Ducks holding the short end of the stick in rematches against Arizona, UCLA and Washington State.






(15-6, 7-3)

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Stanford has a golden opportunity to prove their mettle this week with a trip to the Pacific Northwest.  They visit Pullman on Thursday and then head to Seattle on Saturday.  If the Cardinal can beat Wazzu, and I think they will because of the recent play of their frontcourt, Stanford could find themselves all alone in second place come Saturday night.






(15-7, 6-5)

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This is the most important road trip for the Wildcats this season.  The Washington blowout stopped the bleeding for now, but the stitches are still fresh and could get pulled quickly if Arizona stumbles anywhere in Oregon.  I don't see any reason to worry about Thursday's game but a weekend matinee in Mac Court will give those rabid Ducks fans a few hours to get nice and saucy for the Wildcats.  Shakur must outshine Brooks and Hill will have to neutralize Leunnen to free up Arizona's scorers – Budinger, Williams, Radenovic and McClellan – to do their thing. 






(12-10, 4-6)

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Having to play quality opponent after quality opponent is finally catching up with the undermanned/injured Bears.  Their effort has been valiant and they're far from a pushover, but a weekend trip to the Washington schools is not what the doctor ordered.  Anderson and Ubaka deserve all the credit in the world in keeping this team competitive while playing without Hardin.






(14-8, 4-7)

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Washington didn't need to beat Arizona, but they surely needed to do more against the Wildcats to prove to opponents that they are still a team to contend with.  The home stand against the Bay Area schools is nice, but right now Stanford is playing too well to think that the Huskies can upset them.  Still, the Huskies do match up well with the Cardinal in the low post.  Where they will struggle to defend Stanford is on the perimeter where Appleby is incapable of stopping anyone and Pondexter, while athletic, is probably too inexperienced to outperform Hill.



Arizona State



(6-16, 0-11)

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Yeah, yeah, I know.  The Sun Devils are winless.  They're at least competing each and every night.  After last Saturday, you can no longer say that about the Beavers.  Regardless, it won't matter that I have ASU ranked ahead of Oregon State right now because come Saturday the Sun Devils will beat the Beavers 57-50.



Oregon State



(9-15, 1-10)

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It shouldn't really matter, but I'm expecting the Beavers to put forth their hardest effort of the season Thursday night against Arizona after last Saturday's debacle in Pauley.  If they don't then they most certainly deserve what's coming to them this week – being swept at home by the Arizona schools.


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