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Mike Stoops seemed both relieved and excited to announce his recruiting class on Wednesday. He liked the crop of players he was bringing in, but at the same time the grind it takes to bring in a recruiting class is not an easy one. Here are highlights of his signing day press conference.

Note: This is not a complete transcript of the press conference. I put comments on individual players ahead of other topics

Rob Gronkowski: "To get a guy of the magnitude of a Robbie Gronkowski is huge. To have an impact player in this system at tight end is critical to the success. This offense is set up for a tight end at his natural position or it can be extended out further to get some match-ups. It is a perfect offense for Robbie. I think he can catch a ton of balls."

Joseph Reese: "He does a lot of things and plays a lot of positions. I think Joe, the sky is the limit for him. He is faster than his brother Terrell, and Terrell can run. Joe we have to get him in here and see where that takes us. He has speed that other people don't possess."

Nicolas Grisgby: "Grigsby is a more traditional runner than Joe. He is a more traditional runner, great hands. I think he rushed for 470 yards in one game.'—Nic is a very talented player. I think he is going to be sneaky. I have a good feeling about Nic. He can do some unique things."<

Bryson Beirne: "We had him in camp from day one. We saw him from day one and know what kind of arm he has. I know Coach Dykes is excited about him."

Devin Veal: "He can do either (play offense or defense). He wants to be a receiver. We will start him out as. A lot of these skilled guys they can do a variety of different things. We have had him in camp for three straight years and he was terrific on offense and on defense. We had him as a defensive back as well. He is really a great athlete."

William "Bug" Wright: "He played 8-man football until this fall. Kids flew under the radar. You hear about all the 4 and 5 star guys and you never hear about the Antoine Cason who is going to be an All-American. There are a lot of ways to get things done. We need to work hard at developing our players. That is part of it."

Alex Zendejas: "I don't see him rated as a two-star guy, I can't figure that out. I watched his tape again. He has kicked 55 57 yard field goals. He has an extremely strong leg and a great pedigree. I love the kid. A lot of people tried to recruit the kids after we got him."

Kaniela Tuipulotu: "He is a physical presence," Stoops said. "He has that push you want in the middle."

On the effect of the recent coaching changes: "That hurt us and the transition of coaches has played a big impact in that as well. That is just part of the process. We went through a lot of change over the past month and a half. That does take its toll on recruiting. Those relationships are built over an extended period of time. I am very excited. I think we did awfully well, statistically not as well as the last few years. Again, it is a very talented group when you realize what we needed."

On the one's that got away: "I'm happy about the ones we got. You get the guys you are supposed to get. I have always had that philosophy. Guys who tell you they are coming and they don't come, they can do that. Until we have an early signing period this is going to continue to happen. We are one of many schools that guys flopped. What are you going to do? It is out of my control. You are disappointed because you think you are getting somebody and you recruited that way and it does not happen. I can't help that."

On negative recruiting: "The negativity around recruiting never stops, but that is the unfortunate part about our business. You have to deal with it. People spoke negatively about us and me. That is all right. I don't' forget. They said some things last year and we got back at a lot of people. We are going to have our shots to get back on the field." "It is bizarre, it is crazy, it is media driven. It is nuts. It really is. The stories, there are some horror stories. The amount of money we spend to hold onto kids is ridiculous. People of higher authority do not recognize this it is preposterous. Why don't they change the recruiting process to let kids sign before a dead period. Everybody else has an early signing period. Why don't you have one for football. Each year it gets worse and worse. I think more and more coaches are getting tired of it."

On getting back to on-field coaching: "I am anxious to get today over with and know our team is set and move forward and get our coaches. I am excited about them, and the opportunities. We are going to be very well prepared to play when we start on Sept. 1. It is going to be another great game with BYU, and another great match-up."

"It is going to be a fun year. I think the kids are more determined than ever. It takes a time to develop a program."

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