Game Log: Ho-hum, but still a 'W'

It wasn't the most eventful game, but it was a win. Although the Cats never pulled away, they never seemed in danger of losing.

20:00 left in the first half:
The Cats are back in the red uniforms. I guess they are trying to change their luck.

19:11 left in the first half:
We have a three-man booth. One is Arizona broadcaster Bob Elliott, but the other two I can't identify by voice alone.

18:35 in the first half:
The other color commentator is also named "Bob" as well. Apparently he either cannot speak into his microphone or they can't figure out the audio for a three-man crew. He and the play by play guy have much lower audio levels than Bob Elliott.
Note: Later in the game I finally hear that the "other" Bob is former NBA coach Bob Weiss.

18:01 in the first half:
Kyle Jeffers is on target with more than saliva. He finds Marcel Jones wide open on the lob.

16:26 in the first half:
Jordan Hill showed great, maybe surprising, confidence against UW but on the last possession he showed a little too much faith in his abilities. Getting the ball with his back to the basket he put the ball on the floor and backed down his defender. He picked up his dribble, made a move or three too many and picked up a travel. Oh well, with the way he has been going of late I'll forgive him.

13:54 in the first half:
Marcel Jones with a tough bucket down low. He's a Mater Dei product who the cats did not recruit. There could be a little pay back element tonight.

12:28 Bret Brielmaier takes a 15-footer and misses. This is not really his shot. Not at this stage of the game.

11:32 in the first half:
Seth Tarver is on the floor. He is a guy the Cats recruited but chose Budinger ahead of the Portland native. I think this pick-up will pay dividends later on for the Beavers.
Note: The younger Tarver would play just one minute in the contest.

10:52 in the first half:
Great back-cut pass by the Cats. Chase drives the lane but drops a pass to an open Brielmaier on the blocks for an easy lay-in. This is a much better possession for Bret. His last two touches resulted in the missed 15-footer and a travel.

10:08 in the first half:
Marcus has the hot hand. He's currently 4-4 from the field (he'd start 5-5). His last shot was off balance and was still a perfect swish.

9:05 in the first half:
Cats are moving the ball well, taking good shots but are up only four. At this time UCLA was already suiting up band members as to avoid injuring any starters.

9:03 p.m. (Fox's clock has disappeared from the screen.)
Mustafa Shakur is the Pac-10's active leader in steals. That is a bit surprising to me every time I hear it as Staf is not exactly known for his defensive prowess.

9:07 p.m.
The Marlboro man just tied the game with a three.

9:08 p.m.
I am really bummed. Tsagarakis no longer sports the three-day growth and has settled for a clean, neat goatee. I really liked it better when he looked like a cross between the Marlboro Man and a Miami Vice villain.

9:12 p.m.
The official who just blew an out of bounds call looks remarkably like a cross between former Cat Chris Mills and Washington Wizards coach Eddie Jordan.

9:14 p.m.
We come back from the break to learn that the official who "missed" the call told the Oregon State player who was incorrectly whistled for knocking the ball out of bounds, that he did that instead of calling him for the over the back call. That is a nice gesture, except it did not look like the kid was over Jawann McClellan's back. Good ol' Pac-10 officiating.

37.5 in the first half:
Kyle Jeffers rips down his ninth rebound. Still no spitting. Yes, the clock is working again on the top of the screen graphic.

5.6 in the first half:
Ivan with a put-back. It's an 8-0 run and an eight-point lead for the Cats.
Note: At this point I thought the Cats would pull away and coast to the win. They coasted all right, but they never pulled away.

0:00 in the first half:
It's is rare that an announcer towers over Lute, but Elliott is interviewing him as he leaves the floor and ‘Big Bird' has Lute by several inches.

ASU held Oregon to 55. Cats could surpass that total by the second television timeout.

19:22 in the second half:
Shakur misses a transition dunk but then has the presence of mind to steal the ball back and lay it in to put the Cats up by 10.

16:58 Here is something you don't necessarily want to see. Ivan gets the steal and then dribbles the length of the floor. He's fouled in the lane and goes to the line. Despite the good outcome it is not what you'd call poetry in motion.

16:35 Cuic with another three. Didn't anyone tell him that he is in a slump? This sure does not look like the same team that lost to UCLA by nearly 50.

15:38 Wesley Washington just fouled out. A minute ago he had two fouls. He was called for a chippy against Chase, got mad and slapped the ball out of his hand, drawing a technical. Now he just picked up his fifth foul and is done.

I remember seeing Washington on the recruiting circuit. When he was a sophomore many thought he was going to be a big time point guard. In fact one HS coach said "there's Arizona's next great point guard."

Obviously that never happened, in fact the Cats pretty much dropped him within the next year and he bounced between a few schools before winding up in Corvallis.

15:23 Cats are 11-14 from the stripe, but the normally reliable Ivan has missed three of them.

14:40 Josh Tarver with a three and suddenly this one is tied at 45. Cats led by 11 but it did not take the Beavers long to battle back.

12:06 A MONSTER jam by Hill. It was very Amare-like.

9:55 p.m.
Separated by birth, Sasha Cuic and Tobey McGuire. Or maybe it is Elijah Wood. I get those guys mixed up. One is Spider Man the other is a Hobbit.

8:15 Hill with a big, big block. It leads color analyst Bob Weiss to say "remember that play". So I think I will do just that. Hill sent the ball screaming right back at the shooter and into the hands of a Wildcat to start the break.

Apparently on the play Hill took a knee to the family jewels. Elliott called it "the place no guy wants to take a knee to". I know what he was getting at, but I can think of a lot of parts of my body I would not want to take a knee to. Of course, that region is one of the first I'd cross off the list if given the option of getting kneed.

3:49 Just when it looks like the Cats were going to pull away, the Beavers storm back. They score five in a row to make things interesting.

3:30 Shakur with a big pull-up to extend the lead. Clutch shot from Staf, even though it has not been his best shooting night.

1:17 Williams with a pull-up, baseline jumper to put the Cats up. Although he shot early in the possession, I like the take because it was WIDE open and in the flow of the normal offense. I hate when the Cats get too conservative late and don't get a good look.

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