Game Log: What a finish!

How many times did you count the Cats out? Time after time it looked like the Wildcats were toast and time after time they came back. The Cats won one of their most important games of the season and position themselves for the good finish in the conference.

14:00 before the tip
The Oregon power brokers are courtside. Phil "Nike" Knight, Joey Harrington and Ahmad Rashaad sit near mid court.

2:00 before the tip
Lou Rawls…er…Ernie Kent is not wearing one of his long jacketed suits. It is coaches vs. cancer day and the coaches are all wearing sneakers. Rawls…er, Kent decided to wear golf shirts and khakis. The Wildcat bench, minus Josh Pastner, are wearing Nikes with their suits. Pastner sports the UA polo with his Khakis.

20:00 in the first
Steve Lavin just reminded us how many times he visited Mac Court while coaching UCLA.

18:43 in the first
Two brutal three-point attempts. Maarty Leunen missed his three badly off the back rim, but Chase missed everything on his attempt.

15:02 in the first
Oregon is not only cold, but they are throwing up enough bricks to build a new building to name after Knight.

13:33 in the first
Another decent start for Tucson's favorite player Jordan Hill. He's got four points and four rebounds.

13:02 in the first
Oguchi with five quick points and it is 13-11 all of the sudden.

12:37 in the first
Another Leunen three and Oregon has a lead, Cats were up seven just a few minutes ago.

12:09 in the first
Everything you needed to know about Lavin is summed up when he praised Shakur's decision to shoot an off balanced pull-up early in the possession. Shakur made it, but it wasn't a great take.

11:00 in the first
Lavin just called the Oregon dance team the best dance team in the Pac-10. Somehow I don't think that he was talking about their dancing ability and is focused more on their physical attributes. It is hard to argue with Lavin on this one.

4:22 in the first
Oregon 7-0 run and Brent Musberger is trashing Lute's defense. Again, can't argue.

3:16 in the first
How many gimmies can I-Rad miss? He just missed an EASY lay-in, something we've seen a lot of recently. It draws a "U-S-A, U-S-A" chant .

2:12 in the first
Chase with a much needed three. He's carrying the Cats offensively right now.

46.7 in the first
Want the main reason Oregon is torching the Cats? Arizona just can't defend off the screen and Oregon screens pretty well.

2.7 in the first
Refs butcher a shot clock violation call, giving the Wildcats the ball with 2.7 seconds. Hill misses everyone with a baseball pass which gives Oregon the ball under their own basket.

0.0 in the first
Arizona is confused on defense and Bryce Taylor is wide open for the lay-in and the Cats are down 10 at the half.

19:32 in the second
Chase with a quick five points and the Cats cut the lead in half, down just five.

19:00 in the second
Williams tries to grab a rebound and tips it in for the Ducks.

14:02 in the second
Oregon makes the Cats look foolish, going on quite a little run, but the Cats answer right back. Oregon with a 7-0 run, but Budinger just hit a three to get the lead back down to five. Very manageable.

12:20 in the second
The Cats with a 4-0 run and a HUGE break when Catron steps over the in-bounds pass. Catron has had a rough few minutes. He had a ball stolen away, a foul and now this bad turnover.

11:15 in the second
Down three, Staf with another really bad take. It was too tough a shot, too early in the possession. Not a senior decision.

9:44 in the second
Steve Laving thinks if UW goes 9-9 in the Pac-10 they will be the seventh conference team to get an NCAA bid. Nice thought, but has Washington done anything to suggest they can win four of their last six games?

9:11 in the second
Cats miss two easy shots on successive possessions that would have cut the lead to one. Instead Oguchi drains a three to push it to six.

7:44 in the second
Brent Musberger says this is a "danger time" for the Cats and I can't disagree. Cats down nine and have to make at least a small run now or it is over.

5:59 in the second
Ivan was struggling most of the game but has come alive. He has just scored six straight, on three consecutive possessions. Guess he heard what Musberger said.

4:45 in the second
J-Mac with a huge three. It is his first field goal of the game and at times he almost looked scared to shoot, but he showed confidence and buried a three to make it a two-point game.

3:52 in the second
The Cats just tied it at 66 with a Chase 17 footer. He hasn't played this well in quite awhile.

Lute shed his tie sometime early in the half, and looks a little disheveled. I guess this one is a little heated, huh?

1:58 in the second
CLUTCH! Williams with the foul and winds up gathering the offensive rebound off his own miss. They work it around and chase buries the three to pit the Wildcats up by seven.

The Cats led by a bucket when Budinger grabbed an offensive rebound, fired the pass to Williams who is fouled and makes the tough lay-up. Thanks to the offensive board it is essentially a five-point play.

1:39 in the second
Hairston with a big answer. He nails a tough, deep, contested three.
1:06 in the second
The Cats did not learn their lesson the first time against the Ducks. Just like the game in Tucson, the Cats get ultra conservative, wind up taking a bad shot and Oregon has the ball with a chance to make the this a one-possession game.

44.6 in the second
Not only did the Ducks get the bucket, but Ivan is called for an iffy charge. Radenovic made the bucket but there was a little contact with Brooks down low. To me it looked like a no-call, but maybe I am biased.

22.2 in the second
Predictably, the Ducks come down and nail the three for the lead. Once again the Cats struggle with the screen, Shakur comes over the help and Brooks dishes to a wide open Tajuan Porter for the go-ahead score.

This is also where I remind you that the Cats are 0-5 in games decided by five points or less.

4.0 in the second
The Cats work the ball down to Ivan and he flips up a little jump hook over Maarty Leunen to put the Cats up again. Big time bucket! Reminds me a little of Luke Walton's big overtime shot against Gonzaga in '03, only Radenovic scored from the right side and didn't use the glass.

2.9 in the second
Staf draws the offensive foul. He stood his ground as Brooks slightly dipped his shoulder. While it did look like a foul, I am not sure they make the call if they didn't call Ivan for the charge two possessions earlier.

0.0 in the second
Budinger makes two foul shot and the Ducks never get a shot off. Williams steals the in-bounds pass and the Cats escape with a HUGE win in Eugene.

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