Olson on USC

Lute Olson seemed to be feeling pretty good on Monday. The Wildcat head coach saw his team sweep to games in Oregon and now they were coming into the final home stretch with a three-game win streak. Here are a few highlights from his weekly press conference.

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Opening Statements:
"Anytime you come out with two wins in Oregon you definitely have to feel good about it."

"It gives us good momentum with the two wins. The lat time we were at home we shot the ball well against Washington. The thing about this weekend is we have an opportunity to play two teams that are above us in the standings. At this point that is what we need to do. That is why Oregon was a big game and that is why these two are big games."

On USC and containing Nick Young:
It is always a point of emphasis. They (the Wildcats) are looking at tapes of the last USC game and the breakdowns that Miles (Simon) had done with the tapes. (It) really is to make them aware of what we had prepared for going in (to the first USC game) and what we didn't do as good a job of as we should have. There are a lot of things, not just with him (Young), but with Stewart, on his cuts off screens. We said you can't try to cut the screen by going over the top. There were a few incidences where we didn't cut the screen."

On Ivan Radenovic:
"With Ivan the thing that is obvious is he is coachable and he works hard. He is a gym rat."

"You watch hi now he is very efficient player. If you back off of him he can hit the shot and if you come up on him especially against big guys he does a great job of drawing fouls by taking the ball to the basket."

"If we can ever get rid of him throwing that one handed pass then we will feel like we really accomplished something. That is a European thing."

On how much he watches other Pac-10 games:
"You know if somebody above you gets beat it certainly helps you, but the biggest thing that we are concerned about is how are we playing, , how did we play last week, how did we play the week before and how we play this week? Everything depends on how you do at the end. That is why I have said the big thing for us is to make sure our players understand we have to continue to get better. The thing right now is, obviously, that we remind them all the time. The little things will differentiate from the really good teams and the also rans."

The little things are taking care of the basketball, getting people off the glass, setting screens, moving without the ball and all of that has been getting better."

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