Bryson Beirne's Thoughts...

On Signing Day 2007 the Arizona Wildcats signed their quarterback of the future on Bryson Beirne from the talent rich state of Hawaii. Bryson was kind enough to take time out of busy senior year to write some his thoughts down on why he chose Arizona and the future of the Wildcat Football Program.

Bryson writes…

Arizona is the place for me. From the town to the school and especially all of the people at U of A, I really felt great about it all. The people in Tucson and the people I'll be around are just great people.

I'm working hard every day of the week trying to get stronger, faster and smarter for the college game. I'm coming to Tucson with big goals to win and compete for a spot. I don't want anything to be given to me even though I'm a scholarship player; I want to earn everything that I get.

I'm excited to get to know the new offense because it's a pass happy offense. We're gonna put points up on the board and win more games. We're going to be a big time threat in the Pac-10; I can seriously just feel the vibe when I'm in Tucson. There's just something in the air that says success. That's what I wanted to be a part of. I want to play in the Pac-10 and win at Arizona. We will win at Arizona.

The recruiting class is small but the quality of the players is what really counts. We got guys with strong character and that's the kind of players I want to play with. Of course Big Rob (Gronkowski) and the Tuihalamakas (cousins, Apai and Vuna), but we got sleepers like Hans (Philipp), Devin (Veal), and David (Roberts). I'm just waiting and working hard until I get there this summer. I'm coming in as ready as I can be.

Take care and God Bless.


Bryson Kaulana Beirne would like to thank Bryson for taking the time to send us his thoughts.

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