Game Log: Close call in Tempe

I originally wondered if this game log would contain a whole lot of Oscar info. The wife wanted to watch the awards, but also wanted to watch the game. The original plan was to flip over to the Oscars at commercials, but soon the award show was being tivo'd and the Cats were the only thing playing on the big screen.

20:00 in the first
The Sun Devils will start two seniors who have played less minutes all season combined than the average Wildcat starter plays in a weekend. 18:28 in the first
Cats off to the 7-0 start. Shakur and Budinger got quick buckets down low and Williams knocked down a quick three.

16:43 in the first
It is early, but Williams is feeling it from the outside. He just knocked down his second three. 10-2 Cats.

14:40 in the first
Two straight turnovers. First was caused by the Cats not moving without the ball. The second was a nice idea, but the pass to Hill down low was not high enough.

14:14 in the first
Cats get a turnover of their own. Williams picks up a lose ball, goes 1-on-2 and uses a spin move to get the bucket. He has eight of the Cats' 14.

13:24 in the first
Pendergraph has a chance to posterize Hill, but misses a one-hand jam. He also misses his first free throw, and a potential three-point play is instead a single point.

12:18 in the first
Back-to-back-to back turnovers again for the Wildcats…They are there own worst enemy right now. That's seven turnovers for the Cats.

11:49 in the first
Make it eight. A long skip pass is picked off by the Sun Devils. ASU is on an 8-2 run, all with Shakur on the bench.

10:53 in the first
Cats have not missed from the field, but only have 16 points because of the turnovers.

10:14 in the first
McClellan rushes a shot and AIRBALLS it. It was the first miss for the Cats tonight. Honestly, with his knees, I would have sat him for the game if at all possible and let him rest up.

9:40 in the first
McClellan misses his, and the Cats', second shot.

9:12 in the first
JMac redeems himself a bit. He converts a three-point play and although he limps off the court, he strenuously insists that he's fine,

8:35 in the first
Chase with the big three and the Cats are up 10. Devils do not play well from behind as they lack offensive firepower and like to run a lot off of the shot clock.

7:50 in the first
Nothing like some ASU students going to gay smack. There is a sign in the student section linking a Wildcat with John Amechi. Not as bad as PLO smack, but not exactly a bastion of political correct thought.

6:59 in the first
Cats commit their ninth turnover. That is as many as they had the last time out against the Devils.

6:40 in the first
47-year old Serge Angounou just drained a three. I remember when he committed to the Devils back in 1977.

6:05 in the first
Sendek rolls the dice and leaves Pendergraph in the game with two fouls.

5:41 in the first
Serge with another great jumper. Not a bad player considering he has tenure with the school.

4:42 in the first
Serge with another three. He has the Devils' last seven. This time a patient ASU offense catches the Cats scrambling. Marcus Williams has to streak across the court to get his hand in Angounou's face. It doesn't matter as the only grandfather still playing in the Pac-10 gets the bucket.

3:46 in the first
Serge finally misses. His artificial hip may be hurting.

3:04 in the first
Chase answers with a three and should have been given the foul. Budinger winds up on floor in front of the ASU bench with a Sun Devil on top of him. I guess it was clean.

2:10 in the first
More wide open Sun Devils. Another three. This time it is Brielmaier who has to come all the way across the court to try and get some pressure on the Devil shooter. The Cats just have no discipline. This one is tied at 28.

1:57 in the first
I have to be fair to the ASU students. One of them is dressed as Lute Olson, complete with navy 1:34 in the first
Polk has heated up from the outside. He's open again and again he drains the three to give the Sun Devils their first lead.

1:00 in the first
Cats have rushed shots on back-to-back possessions. No great surprise, they miss both. Just a dumb reaction to ASU's success.

0:00 in the first
Cats get the steal with 3 seconds left but although they have a 3-on-0, they don't get the shot off before the buzzer. The Cats have no business being down.

At the half:
The first Oscar goes to: Pan's Labyrinth for art direction.

Will Ferrell, Jack Black and John C. Reilly just did a song and dance number, something I never thought you'd see. Somehow that is as close as Jack Black will ever get to an Oscar.

19:40 in the second
Cats back on top thanks to a quick Jordan Hill bucket. It is his first points of the game, but between bad pass and bad hands he has not gotten touches.

19:20 in the second:
It looks like Hill was using Crisco as hand soap. He can't hang onto anything.

18:49 in the second
ASU has two offensive rebounds and have held the ball for well over a minute on this trip down the floor.

18:22 in the second
Brielmaier replaces Hill, who had four fouls, and converts when Radenovic finds him all alone under the basket.

17:51 in the second
Chase on the break-away dunk and the Cats go up three.

14:53 in the second
Ivan scores on a drive and seems a little too pleased with himself, considering it is his first field goal. He needs to settle down.

14:22 in the second
Ivan misses the gimmie on the next possession. He has missed too many of those this year.

14:07 in the second
More turnovers. Shakur leaves his feet and fails to pass the ball before he comes down. He had Williams open on the wing, but just did not see him and got called for the travel. There is no reason to go to the jump step that far away from the basket.

11:23 in the second
Devils cut it to four, but the Cats come back and Shakur drives and dishes to Marcus for an easy bucket.

9:50 in the second
Pedergraph can't miss from the baseline. He has hit four in a row for the Devils. The Wildcat zone has some holes.

9:15 in the second
Cats go man-to-man and force a turnover. Thanks to the turnover the Cats had a 4-on-1 break, but the Devils foul to slow things down.

7:59 in the second
Glasser tackles Williams, but there is no call. Announcers like the call, but I think they are crazy.

7:17 in the second
Apparently you can fall down with the basketball but not be called for a travel. I do not think the ASU player kept the pivot foot down, nor did he start to dribble.

5:38 in the second
Radenovic must lead the conference in missed easy shots. He missed another easy put-back.

5:24 in the second
ASU has been a good team all year until the final 5:00. Well, we are almost there. Let's see who plays better in a battle of two teams that struggle late in games.

4:55 in the second
Big possession for the Cats. They work a lot of clock and Shakur kicks out to Budinger, who knocks down a big three. 52-46 Arizona.

4:13 in the second
With just :01 left on the shot clock Angounou hits a big three. That is the kind of clutch play you get from a guy who has been in the program for 17 years.

3:35 in the second
Williams with the lob to Chase off the in-bounds.

3:09 in the second
Williams with the steal and break-away. Pendergraph with the foul, and it will be an intentional one. This could finish off the Devils.

2:45 in the second
ASU not going away. Glasser with a three from the corner. It is 58-52 with plenty of time.

2:08 in the second
Once again the Cats get conservative late in a game and once again Shakur turns it over. Why can't the Cats just run their normal offense?

1:36 in the second
Polk nails the three. This is a one-possession game.

1:02 in the second
Cats again run 30+ seconds off the clock, and again come up.

27.2 in the second
Cats actually "D" up and force Polk into a bad three. 22.8 in the second
Radenovic misses the front end of the 1-for-1 and ASU again has a chance to tie.

7.4 in the second
ASU settles for two, misses and has to foul.

Brielmaier, of all people, may have just iced the game.

2.4 in the second
Glasser is fouled on his three-point attempt. He makes the first two, tries to miss the last one, but inadvertently banks it in.

0.0 in the second
More dumb Devils. They are forced to foul, Budinger makes both foul shot. Instead of attempting a long pass, they inbounds at the Wildcat foul line and never get the shot off.

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