Chase's return

When Chase Budinger committed to Arizona many wondered if he was going to be a one and done player. After all, the common thought was that he would have gone pro had the NBA not passed the 19-year rule. Now it looks as if those who were counting on just one season from the small forward may have to get used to at least another.

Last week on a Phoenix area radio station the freshman standout said he was leaning towards coming back. On Tuesday he reiterated those sentiments.

"I'm pretty sure I will be back for next year. I'm almost 100 percent positive," Budinger said. "Just talking to my family, my parents, people who are close to me, Coach O, I just know I still have some things to work on. Next year, I want to try to be the best college basketball player out there."

Lute Olson mentioned after Sunday's win over ASU Olson mentioned that he believed Budinger would be back. He expounded on those statements during his weekly press conference. "He has said that right from the start.," Lute Olson said of Budinger's intention to stay in school. "The NBA, everybody, has just been told ‘don't waste your time'."

Olson noted that Budinger and fellow freshmen Nic Wise and Jordan Hill have gone apartment hunting for the place they will share next season.

Of course Budinger could choose to test the waters, and withdraw his name if he does not like his stock, but Olson does not seem to think that is an option.

"No, I don't think so at all," Olson said. "I don't think he even considers that. Chase knows he has a lot of work to do yet. There is no need financially for him to do that. I think he is enjoying his college experience."

Olson called the ASU game one of Budinger's top efforts on the defensive end. In fact Olson seems quite pleased with the recent improvements of Budinger's game, primarily on defense.

"He is a lot different, thank goodness, defensively," Olson said. "He knows know as soon as he does something not fundamentally right he knows it right away. That is important thing in the learning process is that the player recognizes without a coach having to tell him." Another thing he must improve is his overall physical strength. Although he is stronger than he was when he got to Tucson, he still has a ways to go.

"When Chase finishes the year the No.1 thing he will look at is ‘I has to get stronger so I can be more physical.' That is usually what happens. They come in, in their freshman year, and they feel they are physically ready and then all of a sudden they are bounced around like a rubber ball." .

While Olson is confident that Budinger will be back, he did repeat that he feels Marcus Williams is going to turn pro at the end of the season. "Marcus has made it pretty clear from when he didn't put his name in last year that he would definitely put his name in this year," Olson said.

He also made it clear the he did not believe that Williams would be content to merely test the waters.

"If you recall from last year he said, ‘if I put my name out there than it will stay out there'," Olson finished.

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