Budinger Bay Area week Q&A

This week a lot was said about and by Chase Budinger. Lute Olson not only touted the swingman as a serious candidate for Pac-10 Freshman of the Year, but he also announced that Budinger would be staying for his sophomore season. Budinger did not dispel those notions, and also touched on some other topics while speaking with the Tucson media.

You guys looked to be playing better defense at times during the ASU game, what do you need to do to keep improving?

Chase Budinger: We have to keep doing the same stuff we have been doing in practice. Just trying to get more physical and tougher. That has been the big thing with us, we kind of get lazy and get soft sometimes. We just have to keep getting after it in practice.

You guys have been having more physical practices of late, letting more go, not having fouls called. What has that done for the team?

Budinger: "We get after each other a little harder, we get into each other. When we play we don't call fouls, so when you go to the basket you've got to go hard. You know someone is going to come over and hit you. Every time you get the ball you have to be tough."

How important is it for you to win both games this weekend for your NCAA Tournament status?

Budinger: "I don't think it is a do or die situation for us that we have to win these two guys, but we know these two games are probably our most important games. We have to come in and be focused in practice and be ready for them."

How is Cal different now than when you played them at the beginning of the Pac-10 season?

Budinger: "They are a better team. They are starting to play better. They are doing a better job. Like every team in the Pac-10, they are starting to get better and better. Stanford too is a better team than when we saw them at the beginning of the year. It should be a different game than it was before."

It looks like your San Diego scoring record is going to be broken soon. Are you surprised that it has happened so soon?

Budinger: "Records are set. Records are meant to be broken. It is something that was a good accomplishment for me when I did it, but since I have been in college things like that do not mean as much anymore. All that matters is doing well as a team at Arizona right now and winning a national championship. That is all that is on my mind right now."

Coach Olson has mentioned that he believes you will be back next season, is that how you are feeling?

Budinger: "I'm pretty sure I will be back for next year. I'm almost 100 percent positive. Just talking to my family, my parents, people who are close to me, Coach O, I just know I still have some things to work on. Next year, I want to try to be the best college basketball player out there."

What is your opinion of your Tournament resume and what do you need to do to close out the regular season?

Budinger: " We have been up and down. We had a good non-conference schedule and been up and down in the Pac-10. We do have one of the best strength of schedules in the nation. Hopefully they committee will look at that. Hopefully we can do well at the end, in these two games and in the Pac-10 tournament and shoe the committee something."

"We do want to get on a roll. We want to roll the ball up the hill. Hopefully we can do that."

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