Game Log: Quake can't stop the Cats

Thursday night saw the Wildcats win a wild one. Not only was there a minor earthquake in the second half, but the Cats had an 11-2 run late in the game but still needed to fend off the pesky Bears

19:00 in the first
Not what you want to see. First Williams rushes a shot and misses, then Wilkes is WIDE open for a three, and he does not miss.

18:22 in the first
Dillon comes in for Hill. The Cats force a shot clock violation.

17:30 in the first
The Cats can't hit a jumper. The only make is a lay-in down low. Both teams keep hitting the back iron.

16:22 in the first
That is more like it. Cats work the ball around and Ivan finds Marcus Williams open down low for the lay-in.

14:06 in the first
Just a horrible shooting display by both teams.

13:48 in the first
How bad is the shooting? Ubaka just made a three, but banked it high off the glass. Not exactly how he designed it when he decided to shoot.

10:04 in the first
Cats are down eight. It is not like the Bears are playing well, but they are making more shots and taking better caree of the ball.

9:45 in the first
Another Wildcat shot off the back iron. 6:17 in the first
The Cats miss another three off the back iron and that leads to a Cal fast break. Pribble gets behind the entire Wildcat defense but Shakur races down the court to get the block. He gets fouled at the other end and makes one of two. That could be a big sequence.

5:43 in the first
IRad with the face-up jumper. Nice to see him get off the quick shot instead of the pump fake and him putting it on the floor.

3:30 in the first
Cats take the lead and Ivan is leading the way. Great passing and Ivan is open down low for the easy lay-in. Actually, I am not so sure how "easy" it was, because it seems like Ivan has missed too many lay-ins of late.

2:11 in the first
Tie game but the Cats are shooting over 50%, while Cal is under 40%. Got to take care of the ball and do a better job on the glass.

35.8 in the first
Here is why I do not like playing for the two-for-one. Cats come down, rush the shot and get an okay, but not great look. Sure they will the ball back but they will have just five or six seconds left to get the last shot. That is two rushed shots in your last two possessions.

0.0 in the first
Cats don't get a good look but do get the bucket. Shakur drives, attacks, but puts up a reverse prayer and somehow it goes in. 17:23 in the second
There is a small earthquake at the game. You don't get those in Tucson.

15:23 in the second
Cal stormed out of the half and built up a four-point lead but the Cats have re-taken the lead. We also just learned that the earthquake measured just 4.3.

14:31 in the second
Before Budinger laid the ball in, there were three straight blocked shots. Chase had a reverse lay-in blocked, then Ivan got a hand on a Cal shot on the other end. Chase was down low , but had his second straight shot blocked, but had the presence of mind to put it right up.

12:44 in the second
Chase has taken over. He has scored seven straight.

11:06 in the second
Budinger comes out and the Cats fall apart. A five-point lead is now one. My guess is the frosh will be back in the game very soon.

9:51 in the second
Ironically enough, just as the announcers are talking about how the officials are letting them play, a Cal defender is called for a fairly innoculous hand check.

9:31 in the second
After the foul in the post, we've had two straight offensive fouls. Good ol' Pac-10, the height of inconsistency when it comes to officiating.

7:35 in the second
How do you snap a 10-2 run? How about a Marcus Williams lay-in and a foul. A three-point play will do wonders, especially when it ties the game back up.

6:38 in the second
Give Ben Braun some credit. When his guys foul, they foul hard. Clean, but hard. They get enough of the arm that it is tough to make the shot.

5:14 in the second
Ivan with the block, replay showed it was clean, but Braun runs out on the court drawing the technical. It is understandable, as Ivan looked to see if the foul was going to be called. Guess Ivan could not believe that the officials got the call right.

4:08 in the second
Shakur with two straight turnovers. He was called for a double dribble and then got caught in the air and came down with the ball before passing to the wide-open man under the basket. He needs to be a better player late in games if the Cats are to do anything this month.

2:08 in the second
Cats don't score but they have just run nearly a minute off the clock. Radenovic gets an offensive rebound and then a potential defensive rebound bounces off Robertson and heads out of bounds.

1:35 in the second
Cal get the turnover and then throw the ball out of bounds themselves on the other end. You almost expect Cal to get the three in that situation.

1:13 in the second
Cal has scored just two in over the last 6:00, but it is still a two possession game thanks to Arizona turnovers. The Cats need to take care of the ball late in games.

1:03 in the second
Stupid play by the Cats. Ryan Anderson has an easy lay-in but McClellan contests the shot and fouls Anderson. There is no way that he was going to block the shot and he did not foul Anderson hard enough to keep him from scoring.

54.0 in the second
McClellan has a chance to redeem himself, but makes just one of his two foul shots. He did make it a two possession game unless.

30.5 in the second
Is there any Wildcat fan who is surprised to see the Bears knock down a big three? It is a one-point game.

23.0 in the second
Marcus Williams makes both of his foul shots. Cats lead by three.

10.0 in the second
The Bears miss, Shakur rebounds and then cradles the ball so he does not turn it over. He makes both foul shots to all but seal the game.

3.0 in the second
Up five Dillon wisely allows the Cal player to shoot the three, with just a token hand up. There is no chance for a foul.

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