Game Log: Radenovic unreal

It was Ivan Radenovic to the rescue. The senior big man had one of the best games of any Arizona post player and carried the Cats in a game that saw Chase Budinger foul out, Marcus Williams miss 10 shots and Mustafa Shakur turn the ball over six times.

Before the tip:
What is the over/under on Nick Robinson references? Before the tip we've already had two mentions. We should also get color commentator Steve Lavin mentioning his stint at UCLA three to five times this game.

18:50 in the first:
The Cats have gone inside three times and have come away with scored on each performance.

18:28 in the first:
Cats on the break and Williams with a sweet lob to Budinger who throws it down. That gives the Cats the 9-3 lead.

17:27 in the first:
I hate to say this, but the Cats look a lot like the December Wildcats. They lead 11-3.

17:04 in the first:
I jinxed it, Jordan Hill has his second foul. Brielmaier will play some serious minutes.

Brielmaier makes a big play on that same possession. He keeps a rebound alive and then chases it out of bounds and keeps it alive to Williams to save the possession.

13:23 in the first:
UCLA is on their way to being upset in Seattle. The Huskies build up a double-digit lead but will had to hold off a furious Bruin rally.

13:03 in the first:
Cats with a line-up of Wise, Tangara, Dillon, Budinger and Radenovic.

12:12 in the first:
Nic Wise is doing his best Jack Black impersonation, that's right a little "Tenacious D".

11:02 in the first:
Right now the Wildcats just appear to be too quick for Stanford. We haven't seen the Cats look this much faster than their opponent in quite some time.

9:34 in the first:
Ivan has come to play. The senior who struggled the past few weeks, has had two good games. He's already scored 11 points, one more than the entire Stanford team.

9:15 in the first:
For the second straight game an opposing coach has picked up a technical. The Wildcats convert on both foul shots but do not score on the ensuing possession.

4:56 in the first:
Things I don't need to see and hear, Brent Musburger saying "naughty" repeatedly when talking about Desperate Housewives or Steve Lavin trying on a Brook Lopez wig and asking for more hair product.

3:43 in the first:
Fendi with a long two. This team has gone to the bench and it has not burnt them. In fact the team has looked pretty good with Wise running the point.

: 55.4 in the first:
Wise is playing well. He just looks so much quicker than anyone Stanford has. Not only that but the team has extended the lead with the freshman in the game.

16.1 in the first:
The Cats call a timeout to set up the final shot, but turnover the ball giving Stanford the ball.

19:52 in the second half:
Eight seconds in and Jordan Hill picks up another foul. I thought it was his third, but TV is saying it is his fourth. Either way it is not good for the young big man.

19:00 in the second half:
Olson with a quick time out as the Cats have given up four quick points and not looked good on the offensive end.

18:46 in the second half:
Things I don't get to say often "Ivan is killing them off the dribble".

18:25 in the second half:
Mitch Johnson looks like he may be puking at any moment. I guess there was something to that whole food poisoning report.

14:11 in the second half:
Cardinal get back into this one. Thanks to some fouls and outside shooting this one is a 13-point game.

13:11 in the second half:
Typical Arizona, a team makes a small run and the Cats start rushing shots and getting out of their offensive flow. They rush shots, try fancy passes and just have not played well.

12:26 in the second half:
Lute actually pulled Staf and has inserted Nic Wise. Wise over penetrates and Stanford has a chance to make this a single digit game.

11:00 in the second half:
Key to the comeback, seven Arizona fouls, no Stanford fouls.

10:28 in the second half:
Stanford with a HUGE three. They have just cut it to eight.

10:01 in the second half:
Cats answer. Budinger hits a three of his own, although Trent Johnson is vehemently protesting that is should be a two. So much so that Johnson tells the officials "do your job." They did, Budinger was at least five inches behind the line.

9:55 in the second half:
From John Schuster: "Trent Johnson looks like an owl, a serial killer owl."

8:39 in the second half:
Shakur back into the game. Let's see how he responds. He was basically benched for over four minutes.

8:15 in the second half:
Budinger has his pocket picked by a Lopez twin and on the break the Cardinal convert thanks to a goal tend. This is a six point game.

7:18 in the second half:
We'll see what the Cats are made of. Radenovic converts a three-point play, the Cats lead by seven.

6:32 in the second half:
Ivan with another bucket. Not the best idea, but he gets the roll on the fade.

5:26 in the second half:
Talk about momentum. Anything the Cardinal throw up are going in. Hill was behind the basket, throws up a one-hander and it goes in to cut it to a four-point game. He had no business taking the shot and instead he swishes it.

2:43 in the second half:
BIG bucket for Lopez. He'll have a chance at a three-point play.

1:19 in the second half:
I can't remember the last time the Wildcats took a shot inside of five feet. How about 10 feet? They made a living getting inside in the first half, but either Stanford has really adjusted or the Cats have gone brain-dead. Some how I think it is a combination of the two.

Hey, did you know in 2004 the Cardinal beat the Cats on a desperation heave by Nick Robinson who is now a Stanford assistant? Me neither.

54.6 in the second half:
Shakur with a strong take. He drives and gets the runner, He could have kicked out but took the good shot down low for the easy basket.

20.4 in the second half:
Cats use their final timeout to set up a final shot with about 13 seconds left on the shot clock.

16.4 in the second half:
Holding foul on the Cardinal. Now the shot clock resets and Stanford has to foul.

13.2 in the second half:
Ivan goes to the line and he makes both and the Cats lead by three.

6.2 in the second half:
Stanford of course hits the three. Arizona elects not to foul and the Cardinal get a great look.

0.0 in the second half:
Shakur drives the length of the floor and kick to Dillon who misses at the buzzer. I hate to criticize Shakur, because he found the open man, but I think he had the shot in the lane.

4:56 in the overtime:
Cats win the tip. They need to start strong in overtime.

4:25 in the overtime:
Hill back in the game and gets an ugly dunk. In fact had he not hung on the rim I think the ball pops out.

3:17 in the overtime:
Williams hits an 18-footer from the corner to put the Cats up four.

2:58 in the overtime:
Shakur with a terrible idea and a lazy pass and Stanford gets a breakaway lay-in to tie the game.

2:30 in the overtime:
Staf tries to make up for the turnover with an ill-advised pull-up 19-footer. The only good news is that he buries it and the Cats go back up two.

2:25 in the overtime:
Stanford normally shoots 69% from the line. Today they are 18-19 from the stripe.

2:06 in the overtime:
Shakur drives deep and is fouled, but he only makes one of two.

1:53 in the overtime:
Budinger fouls out. Lopez draws the foul after the offensive rebound. The freshman scored just seven points. They too make one of two.

1:28 in the overtime:
Ivan backs Taj Finger down and gets a bucket that is too easy.

57.2 in the overtime:
After the turnover the Cats go right back to Radenovic and the senior draws a foul, fouling out Lopez. He makes two and the Cats are up four.

43.1 in the overtime:
Another touch runner by the Cardinal. More interesting is that Jordan Hill takes the ball out and almost steps over the endline when he sees Trent Johnson storm the floor to get the officials attention to call a timeout.

23.0 in the overtime:
It is too easy for Radenovic. He gets the ball and just backs down Finger to get back to the line. It is like the Oregon game only better. He's got 37.

7.7 in the overtime:
Cats with the steal, Shakur goes to the line, but makes just one of two but it is enough.

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