Olson on the Pac-10 Tourney, Awards

It just wouldn't be a Pac-10 Tournament without Lute Olson taking some kind of stand. The Wildcat head coach was less critical of the event than he has been in years' past, but he still had some opinions on small tweaks. Here are highlights from his weekly press conference, including his thoughts on postseason awards, television analysts and tournament seeding.

On Chase Budinger being named Pac-10 Freshman-of-the-Year:
"It was deserving of his all-around play."

On Marcus Williams being named to the All-Conference team:
"It is good to see that Marcus was selected on the all-conference team. I frankly don't quite understand why, we as coaches have never been told somebody had to be named on ‘X' amount of ballots in order to be selected. I thought it was a 10 man team. It is a nine man team I am sure there are other coaches in the league that feel really badly and upset about one of their guys not making it, but how Ivan Radenovic was not made All-Pac-10, I am shocked. He is in the top 10 in scoring and rebounding. He is probably in the top 10 as far as minutes playing. I would almost guarantee it most of those ballots were turned in before Saturday."

"I'm sure other coaches want to talk to the Pac-10 offices on how they only name 9 guys. To me that is ridiculous. When you have a league as tough as this league and this year if there was a tie for 10th then they should have made it an 11 man team."

On where analysts have the Cats seeded in the NCAA Tournament:
"I heard Seth Davis. Did any of you hear on one of those experts were indicating who they thought would be the top four seeds and he had Duke as a third? His rationale was, and I don't mean Duke should not be the third seed. His rational was they had not had a defeat by any team outside the top 50. We have not had a loss to anybody in the top 30. By that reasoning we should be a two seed. We don't expect to be. In addition to that 10 of our wins at one time or another were in the top 25 in the country."

"People talk about the important of schedule and playing the tough teams, playing tough teams in neutral sites and tough teams on the road, and yet I am not sure that a whole lot of the analysts ever take a look at that. I don't mean Seth in particular, a lot of them just look at how many games somebody has won. We could play Podunk Central and a few of those and easily get to our 20."

"I would like to be confident. I hope they (the committee) do their homework a lot better than the analyst do."

On selecting the All-Pac-10 team:
"Why are the stats for conference games not taken as the true steps in determining the conferences leading scorer and rebounder? I don't think it is fare to compare a team playing a real bad team to somebody playing Louisville or Memphis. The explanation is most of the time there is not that much of a difference. If there ever was a difference I think it is a shame it is done that way."

"You are comparing apples to oranges."

On the Pac-10 Tournament:
"We are still in mid terms and Stanford and other schools on the quarter system are in finals this week."

"We should go to a 14 or 16 game league schedule…two teams will have to play 21 games against league opponents. I think it wears the teams down going against the NCAA tournament. I know all leagues have to face this other than the Ivy league, and maybe they are a little smarter than the rest of us. If we are going to continue to tournament than it behooves our conference to go to 16 game schedule so we don't have to start in December."

"The tournament should be rotated. In fairness to the team and fairness to the fans"

"I know Fox Sports wants it in L.A. because that is their center. I don't feel that a conference of our stature should allow any one in the media market should allow them to tell them where to hold their tournament. And the pac-10 will be very happy to consider my thoughts."

On playing Oregon on Thursday:
"It was a great game here and a great game up there. It was not just the end, t was through out the game. It was one team with a run, and another team with a run. Both games were very exciting to watch because of the style of play. I don't think anything has really changed with them. I think it will be a great game. As far as how we play against them, or how they will play against us, I don't think you will see a lot of changes. They generally play the same way against everybody. They may try to zone us some, but they have done that in the past. We have tried to zone them some, when it has gotten down to it, both of us have been more effective in our man to man."

On where he thinks they will be seeded:
‘I know how strongly the NCAA feels about playing good teams and not playing all the games at home, and some in neutral sites. I hope they take into consideration who we played. When they get down to looking at how teams have done it is usually how they have done over the lat 10 games."

On the recent trend of using the bench more:
"It will (be used) provided we keep playing for a few games in the Pac-10. That was one of our concerns I had . We had to get some of those guys in early at Stanford it has nothing to do with the score. It was going to be done regardless. The other thing is you find out some of those guys surprise you. I look back at the tape and Nic Wise played great on both ends of the court."

"Every thing has been so competitive, but those guys have done a good job in practice all year long.

On not using the bench more, earlier in the year:
"I t was the kind of thing were every game was being decided by one possession or two. I frankly think that was a mistake. I think we should have been giving more of those guys an opportunity, at least in the first half."

On heading into the post season on a win streak:
"Any time you can win three in a row, particular win three in a row on the road ,is very important. It is very important to our confidence as a team and they were all down to the wire. We came out on top I think that means a lot to our guys in terms of the mental toughness it took to do it.

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