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It was announced some time ago that Nike was going to be designing some new uniforms for some of their bigger basketball schools. For the first time since 2005-06 season, the Wildcats will sport a new look. In fact, the Cats will debut the new uniforms on Thursday against Oregon.

Nike is debuting the new System of Dress basketball uniforms this week at men's basketball conference tournaments around the country, although Florida has sported their new look on February 28th. Joining the Cats and Gators are Ohio State and Syracuse.

According to Nike the new uniform design, "gives the players a more tailored look on-court."

"We've been working on this with Nike for some time," Lute Olson said. "The thing with the current jerseys is that they are heavy here (points to the side, under the arms), they hold in a lot of perspiration. You constantly see guys pulling their sleeves up and so we had asked them, back when they started talking with us, about the possibility of a sleeveless-type design. That way we don't have this affecting the shot."

The new System of Dress gives players a variety of different undershirts, including a long sleeve compression shirt, and leg wraps to create a custom look. There is no word on exactly what looks the Wildcats will be able to employ.

The new uniforms had a few benefits that Olson touted. One was a looser fit in the sleeves and the second was the new material that dissipates moisture.

"When we practice those guys rarely have a t-shirt on. They prefer to have the shooting shirts without the sleeves. It is a different type material. It doesn't hold the perspiration, it releases it. The Wildcats' uniform will keep the current "Arizona" font as well as the vertical "Cats" design, but will not feature the bold striping the current uniforms sports. It is a much sparser design, with a single, thin white stripe on each side.

In another effort to honor the past, a base layer they can wear beneath their Nike Fitted Jersey contains the names of past Wildcat greats in text near the bottom.

These uniform designs are courtesy of the Nike System of Dress site (

If you look closely, you'll see
The names of past UA greats.

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