Marcus Williams Q&A

It was a big week for Marcus Williams. The Wildcats small forward was named to the All-Pac-10 team. Williams met with the media and discussed the honor, the Pac-10 Tournament and even his future at Arizona.

How does it feel to be named to the All-Conference team?

"It is an honor. I didn't even know until Rich told me, to be honest. It has been a lot of hard work that has paid off. I would like to actually attribute most of that to my teammates, Mustafa and all the guys gave me the ball in tough situations and coach O. I go out and play basketball for fun, but this is great, this is a big honor.'

How big was that win in Stanford? How big of a push does it give you heading into the post season?

"It was big. It was a little scary, I am not going to say I was nervous, but I know coach came into the locker room making a few jokes about it. Winning three big road games is big for us. Especially the crunch time ones. The one in Oregon, the Oregon State game, ASU, we have shown up a lot. They were gut check wins for us. They are big for us because from now on there are no more home games for us. This was a big one. You can say there were some lapses, there are some things we have to correct, but the team morale is high right now. Everyone is feeling good."

Can you gain confidence from winning these past few close games?

"Those are things we want to do. When we talked in the team meeting we said those games we lost are in the past. When we got into the locker room against Stanford the first thing I think it was Chase said, ‘remember the Virginia game'. We were up 20 and we still brought it up. We cannot have one of those situations where they come back on their home floor. It was close to happening.

"I think it shows a lot of growth. Those freshmen who are on our team who play a lot now are now sophomores. They are not freshmen anymore. They are playing 30 games into the year, there is no more ‘I am a freshman'. It is big to get those two (wins).

"Oregon, it is a tie. We won one and they won one. So we know it is going to be a close game so we are going to need that."

You get a third shot at Oregon, do you take a chance to win the season series personally? Is it a Grudge match of sorts since they are the only team you split with?

"It is definitely personal because of the way both teams have lost with game winning buckets. We want a tie breaker right here and I'm excited about it, going out there and playing Brooks one more time."

What were your first thoughts when you saw that you were going to play Oregon?

"It is going to be an exciting game man. We kind of know, we know what we are going to get into. We're really familiar with them, as they are with us. We know it is going to be a high scoring game. It is the pace we like to play. We need to get out on the shooters. I was watching Porter against Washington State, just incredible shots. They've got some players that can put some points on the boards so we need to make sure we pressure them, get the ball inside to Ivan and work the inside-out."

With the rest of your games going to be played on neutral courts can you draw anything from the two neutral court games you played in November?

"I think you kind of learn from those. Obviously, you don't want to think about them too much, as far as the game itself. You just want to learn from them. Phoenix wasn't really a neutral court, but New York definitely. There were no real ‘oohs' and ‘ahhs'. You get used to that."

Are you happy with where you guys are after the sweep?

"I am happy, as happy as you can be…As far as the past has gone and how we have handled ourselves the past couple weeks, yeah I am happy with how we are looking."

Your strength of schedule, how does it shape you?

"It shows we did not play any cupcakes, which goes to show how Coach O runs his program."

Last week Coach Olson talked about your future, care to comment on what he said?

"I'm not going to sit there and fully back that, no discredit to what he said. At the end of the year I still have to talk to my mom, and family. I don't have any outside pressure telling me what to do. He is right about the part that I did say if I am going to leave, I am going to leave. I have to weigh my options. It is a fun experience here. I don't dislike Arizona at all so there is no rush to leave, but I will sit down and talk to my family, Coach O and see where everything lands and go from there."

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