Mock Seeds

So how hard is it to seed the NCAA Tournament? We decided to find out. The Wildcat Insider staff decided to try our hands at handing out seeds. Although it wasn't super easy, it wasn't the chore the selection committee makes it out to be, but it wasn't easy either.

We found we did not argue too much. In almost every occasion where we disagreed, we had teams slotted within one seed of each other.

The only big discussion came with the final few teams to get in. In the end the big debate was between Texas Tech, Air Force and Purdue for the final spots.

One Seeds
Ohio St.; Kansas; UCLA; North Carolina
Notes: If Carolina loses it opens the door for Florida or Wisconsin, assuming that they win.

Two Seeds:
Florida; Georgetown; Wisconsin; Memphis

Three Seeds:
Pittsburgh; Texas; Texas A&M; Oregon
Notes: Oregon's impressive win in the Pac-10 Tournament helped get them this bid.

Four Seeds:
Washington State; UNLV; Maryland; Southern Illinois
Notes: Our first real debate. WSU and Tennessee were talked about quite a bit. There was also a small push for BYU and Nevada to be considered.

Five Seeds:
BYU; Nevada; Notre Dame; Tennessee

Six Seeds:
Louisville; Butler; Creighton; USC
Notes: A lot of debate went into USC vs. Virginia Tech.

Seven Seeds:
Marquette; Arizona; Virginia Tech; Virginia
Notes: It would be no great surprise to see Duke in place of Arizona or Marquette as a seven.

Eight Seeds:
Duke; Villanova; Boston College; Michigan State

Nine Seeds:
Kentucky; Illinois; Xavier; GT
Notes: The importance of schedule strength was debated here. Kentucky has the No. 1 SOS, but no one was very impressed by them.

Ten Seeds:
Vanderbilt; Indiana; Syracuse; Oklahoma State
Notes: It started to get stickier here. At one point Oklahoma State was on the outside looking in, but their resume is better than many assume. Vanderbilt benefits from their strength of schedule.

Eleven Seeds:
Virginia Commonwealth; Kansas State; Purdue; Drexel
Notes: Kansas State and Purdue were the last two in. Air Force and Texas Tech are on the outside looking in. Air Force was helped by RPI, but hurt by a 4-6 finish.

12 Seeds:
Winthrop; Davidson; Gonzaga; ODU
Notes: If our 12 seeds hold true, expect at least one upset, and probably more.

13 Seeds:
Wright State; Holy Cross; NM State; Albany

14 Seeds:
Oral Robets; Miami (OH); Texas AM-Corpus Christi*; Long Beach St.

Fifteen Seeds:
Niagra; Eastern Kentucky; Belmont ; Penn

16 Seeds
Florida A&M; Jackson State; Weber State; Central Connecticut/North Tex as**
Notes: Don't expect a 16 to beat a No. 1, but if it were to happen this year, Weber would be our guess.

*Favored to win their conference tournament on Sunday.

**Play-in game

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