Cats talking Tourney

Wildcat players are excited about the NCAA Tournament. After an up and down season they are anxious for a chance to make some noise. A number of Wildcat players met with the media on Monday. Here are some of the highlights.

Senior Forward Ivan Radenovic

On Purdue senior forward Carl Landry:

"He is definitely their go-to player. They run a lot of their offense through his hands. We have to try and stop him. We have to deny him the ball."

On being a No. 8 seed:

"No. 8 is about right. Purdue is a good team and they deserved a No. 9 seed. It's going to be a battle of two good teams."

On playing in the NCAA Tournament:

"Now is the time for us to show what we are capable of. It's a new season for us now. In January and February we weren't playing very well. It's time to start playing good – like we did at the beginning of the year."

On being placed in the same region with top overall seed Florida:

"We can't think about Florida right now. We have to play one game at a time. Our whole focus is on Purdue."

Senior Guard Mustafa Shakur

On preparations for Purdue:

"We haven't seen any film yet. We will do that later today before practice. I can't really tell you anything about them right now. I don't watch a lot of Big Ten basketball. We're just focused on what we have to do to win."

On the team's seeding for the tournament and playing in the Midwest Region:

"I feel great about our situation. I think it's a great situation for us. We got excited when we saw where we were going. We feel like we can beat anyone."

On playing in the NCAA Tournament:

"It's fun. We are in a good situation. I am looking forward to it."

Sophomore Forward Marcus Williams

On being placed in the same region with top overall seed Florida:

"It depends on how you look at it. You can look at having to win the first game to get the chance to play Florida, or you can not think about Florida at all. I look at is not underestimating Purdue."

On Purdue:

"I don't know a whole lot about them yet. I know they are a good team and play in a good conference. They have good players, so we are going to have to be ready for them."

On the NCAA Tournament:

"It's all about winning now. The rest of the season is behind us. We know what we have to do now. There are no more chances to lose and still keep playing."

Junior Guard Jawann McClellan

On Purdue:

"I know that (Carl) Landry and (David) Teague are their top guys. You have to stop them. Purdue is a good team, but everyone is good at this point of the season."

On the team's mental approach heading into the NCAA Tournament:

"Our mental approach is to win. We have to do anything and everything we can to win each game."

On the intensity of the NCAA games:

"You can't fall behind early in the games. It takes a lot of energy to come from behind. It's a short turnaround to your next game if you win, so you have to play hard from the start."

On the need to have Mustafa Shakur play well like he did early in the season and in the 2006 NCAA Tournament:

"I expect to see the old ‘Staf, and hopefully the old Jawann. I talked to coaches and I've got to start looking for my shot more. As for ‘Staf, this is his last go around. I said before the season, when he plays well, we play well."

On being placed in the same region with top overall seed Florida:

We can't worry about them right now. We have to take care of business on Friday night first."

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