PF prospect getting a look

Arizona needs to add big men in the class of 2008. They have a few top targets and are still in the process of evaluating many others. One of those players they are evaluating is an athletic four from the Lone Star State.

Steve Tchiengang is an athletic 6-9 forward from Houston's Cypress Community Christian High School. He is a player the Wildcats are expected to look at over the course of the spring recruiting season.

Wildcat Insider caught up with Tchiengang for a Q&A.

Wildcat Insider: Congrats on winning a state championship. Any reflection on that?
Steve Tchiengang: "This was our third time in a row winning the state championship. We finished the year at 37-6, which was a lot of fun. I just finished my first AAU game. We came back from 20 down to win by four points."

WI: How is the recruiting process going for you? Who are you looking at?
Tchiengang: "I'm just getting to know more about the recruiting process. I am trying to get a feeling and idea about what's out there, and the best possible situations for me to get involved in. I am just listening to the coaches, and my parents to find out what they feel I should be looking at."

WI: Do you have any favorites: Tchiengang : "Right now, I have no favorite. I am just waiting and seeing."

WI: Do you put much emphasis into the amount of success that these programs are having when recruiting you?
Tchiengang : "No, not really at all. I look at the overall things because all programs have things that are good and bad. When a team struggles, it's just part of the game. You win and lose sometimes, and that comes with the package."

"I look at how these programs are going to use me and develop my game."

"I also look at people that are staying and going. I look at the coaching staffs, which players are returning or going, and a lot of those factors are going to be important when I make my decision."

WI: Have you had any unofficial visits yet?
"I just had a visit to Louisville a few weeks ago that went very well. Other programs that I have visited are Boston College, Texas A&M, Baylor Connecticut and Texas. I am just going to look over all the possibilities, while listening to my parents and see which situation is best."

WI: Where does Arizona stand right now?
Tchiengang : "Arizona hasn't had much contact with me at all over the last couple months."

WI: Would you consider Arizona if they made a bigger push?
Tchiengang : "I still like Arizona. I understand that they have to focus on their current program, and that's why they have not vocally spoke to me in the past month."

Do you plan on attending any camps this summer? If so, which ones?
Tchiengang : "Yes, I plan on attending camps this summer, but it depends on where I get invited. I've been invited to the NBA camp, and I plan on attending that one, but the site is still up in the air. I am looking forward to it, but I haven't been invited to any other camps as of now."

What is the time frame for your decision?
Tchiengang : "I'm just going to take everything in and see what is out there for me, and what's best. I'm going to play a lot of basketball this summer and see what happens with that. I plan on finding out who is interested, and from there I'm going to sit down with people involved and see what is best. I'll be looking to see what is out there in regards to the coaches and players that I may be associated with, and after this summer and the Las Vegas tournament, I plan on having a decision around then."

*He has long listed the Wildcats. The Cats went out to see him a few times over the high school season but seem to be still evaluating him at this time.

*He mentioned that he is friends with freshman-to-be Jamelle Horne.

* His final stats were: 12.2 PPG, 12 RPG, 3 APG, 3 BPG.

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