Offense looks better

Arizona continues with spring practice. Of course all eyes are on the new offense being implemented. Mike Stoops made no bones about his belief that an improved offense is the main thing standing between Arizona and a bowl game.

Although everything we read in the offseason suggested that the offense was going to be very similar to BYU's, the early reports say this team is pass happy right now. While more running should be implemented as the spring continues, right now the offense is throwing a whole lot.

Willie Tuitama struggled a bit on Wednesday's practice, but was much sharper on Friday. On Wednesday he had some trouble in the 11-on-11 drills, facing a full line for the first time since the ASU game.

On Friday he was better, more confident and made a lot of plays. In fact that was the description of the entire offense.

We've also been hearing how good Tyler Lyon has been. The redshirt freshman has been getting the bulk of the snaps behind Tuitama and seems intent on keeping his No. 2 quarterback spot.

Chris Jennings and Xavier Smith will battle all spring for the starting tailback spot. Jennings has come out of the gate fast and has been all smiles when talking about the Wildcats' new offense. Smith also seemed pleased with the schemes, but did admit that he has to be a more consistent pass catcher.

Mike Thomas has taken a huge leadership role with the receivers, so much so that he has been put in charge to name the Wildcats' new offense. All eyes have been on last year's three incoming pass catchers and so far they have looked good. Delashaun Dean will have the eyes of the training staff on his injured knee, but he will be participating quite a bit this spring and some feel he has the biggest upside of the group. Terrell Reese and Terrell Turner have also fared pretty well.

The line took their lumps last year, so the pressure is on. Eben Britton is a guy many expect a lot from and he has embraced the leadership role of the guys up front. He and Louis Holmes have apparently been challenging each other in the weight room and that could continue all during the spring as the end and the tackle battle.

With Pete Graniello and Adam Grant out injured, "most improved" James Tretheway is getting a long look at left tackle. He'll need to improve upon Wednesday's performance where we heard Johnathan Turner had a great outing.

Thanks to we weather the Wildcats practiced at the stadium instead of their practice facility.

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