Cali DB gets UA offer

Arizona has had no trouble recruiting talented defensive backs. The chance to be coached by two secondary experts like Mike and Mark Stoops is hard for many to pass up, as the Stoops brothers are renowned for their ability to coach defensive backs and shape them into NFL caliber football players.

One of the better kept secrets, at least until now, is Oak Park, California Safety prospect Sean Westgate. Westgate is your prototypical Mike Stoops player. He is hardnosed, loves to play the game with reckless abandon and he has a nose for making the big play. On Thursday the Arizona coaches informed Sean that they were extending an official offer, his first, and Sean was excited to hear the news.

"Oh man I am really excited about being offered by Arizona," said the obviously happy Westgate. "They are the first to offer me and it means a lot. Arizona started recruiting me and I like them and now they are obviously my leader. I talked to Coach (Joe) Robinson today and he is a great guy and I am just really happy to have an offer from Arizona."

Arizona is joined by the likes of BYU, Nevada, Oregon and Boise State in recruiting the Oak Park standout. While none of the other schools have offered Sean thinks that they most likely will sooner rather than later.

"I think BYU and Oregon are going to offer me, which would be great," he said. "I think I will get more offers and I am looking forward to hearing from more schools but the Arizona offer means a lot. It is my first and that will stick out to me."

As soon as he got the Arizona offer Westgate admitted that he immediately got online and started researching the school's academics and facilities. While he does not know what he wants to major in yet, he is pretty sure it will be in one of two areas, Business or Medicine. Those also happen to be two areas in which he knows Arizona excels.

"From what I know so far they have a good business school," he said. "I haven't gotten all of the information yet but I know that Arizona is a very good academic school and I think their athletics are very good."

Westgate is being recruited for Arizona by Defensive Ends coach and Special Teams Coordinator Joe Robinson and the two have a good relationship so far according to Sean.

"I like Coach Robinson," he said. "He is a real honest and real guy and he is easy to talk to. He is a nice guy and I am looking forward to meeting him. He is a real honest and genuine guy it seems."

Westgate reports a 3.2 GPA and has registered to take the SAT test in May so qualifying should not be a problem for the Oak Park product.

One of the things that is sticking out to many about Westgate is one play from last season in which he completely laid out All-Everything Quarterback Jimmy Clausen in a game. It was a hit that was deemed illegal by the official but in Sean's estimation, it was a completely legal hit.

"We were getting beat pretty bad, we were down by like 25 points or something," he said. "During the play I had lost my helmet and I saw Jimmy towards the sideline and instead of giving up on the play I went after him and I set myself and stuck him. When I hit him I think we were like a yard in bounds but we ended up out by the track because I hit him so hard. They threw the flag but I think it was a legal hit. I thought it would be the last chance I would get to hit Jimmy, you know Mr. Everything, and I laid him out legally." will keep in touch with Sean as his recruitment progresses. Stay tuned into for the latest on all Arizona Football recruiting action.

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