McDonald's Log

It was billed as the O.J. Mayo vs. Kevin Love show, but it was far more than that. Arizona-bound Jerryd Bayless was one of many players to make his impact on the 30th McDonald's All-American game.

0:00 before the tip
Of the five starters for the west team, the Cats made a serious push for four of them, but landed none.

19:03 in the first:
Kyle Singler has his shot blocked badly. He's ready for Duke already.

18:01 in the first:
He redeems himself with two straight buckets. I don't think we'll see the former football player crying anytime soon.

17:04 in the first:
If you are a fan of big center court logos, you'll love the logo in this game. It extends from three feet beyond each three-point shot.

15:58 in the first:
We aren't four minutes into this one and the teams have combined for 27 points. There is less defense here than at the NBA All-Star game.

15:08 in the first:
Our first Jerryd Bayless sighting and he drains a fade-away from the foul line.

14:43 in the first:
We just learned that Bayless' idol was Mike Bibby.

13:42 in the first:
Not a great sequence for Bayless. Thanks to a hard screen, he loses his man, then turns the ball over on the ensuing offensive possession.

13:09 in the first:
Jerryd makes both foul shots after drawing a foul on an awkwardly run fast break.

12:36 in the first:
ASU bound James Harden scored on the previous possession, but it is Bayless this time down draining a three. He's got seven already.

11:30 in the first:
Nolan Smith with a great over the shoulder catch, but it is not that hard when you are cherry picking instead of playing defense.

6:58 in the first:
Taylor King missed a fade-away but I am amazed that it was not a three. King is a solid player, but he should not be in this game over some other guys.

6:15 in the first:
Hey, Kyle Singler is the only McDonald's All-American to ever solve a Rubik's cube! That'll help late in the UNC game.

5:54 in the first:
Can you believe that ESPN announcers are hyping up Duke? Is Dick Vitale in the production truck feeding them their lines? We just learned Duke will be just fine, even though they lack size, because they got guys who can bomb from the outside. Suddenly Duke sounds more like Butler than an ACC team.

4:50 in the first:
Nolan Smith, one of the Duke saviors, just missed a one handed, breakaway dunk. That bodes well.

4:16 in the first:
Bayless is now bringing the ball up for the West. 3:41 in the first:
He passed off the past two trips up the court, this time down he nails the pull-up three.

1:31 in the first:
Want to play like Derrick Rose? Just break your arm and have your older brothers drag you out to the play ground and force you to use your other arm.

19:07 in the second:
O.J. Mayo has been a bit of a disappointment. So far the announcers have told more stories about his past than he has scored buckets. Right now he has just two points.

18:18 in the second:
Gani Lawal just got stuffed by each side of the rim on the same possession. Not real encouraging for Georgia Tech fans. 17:33 in the second:
This time he stuffs it home. Two handed slam with no problem.

17:13 in the second:
Harden with two in a row. As much as you hate to admit it, the Sun Devils got a good one in James Harden.

16:30 in the second:
Lawal's last dunk erased any memory of the two misses. He throws down a lob pass with a ferocious one-handed slam.

15:00 in the second:
John Wooden is on hand. He can't exactly like the lack of fundamentals being displayed in this one.

13:02 in the second:
This broadcast has become the Kevin Love, er, uh, love-fest. The past 5:00 of real time have been dedicated to slobbering over the future UCLA Bruin. Not that Love isn't a great player, he is, but they have all but nominated him for Sainthood.

9:04 in the second:
The West leads by seven, but the East has decidedly more dunks. That prompts the announcer to ask "How does that happen?". Uh, maybe the West is hitting more jump shots? Just a thought.

7:41 in the second:
The announcers again confounding. Talking about Bayless, they said he was possibly the most impressive dunker…even though he did not make many. They like the fact that he almost hit his head on the rim. 2:26 in the second:
Singler shows off some athleticism. He drives baseline and puts up a sweet reverse lay-in.

:10 in the second:
Bayless was on the floor for the final minute. Bayless held the ball, waiting for the foul, but the East does not foul and he makes a really difficult bounce pass to avoid the five second call and the East make the steal. Luckily for Jerryd the East can't convert and Bayless' West team holds on for a 114-112 win.

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