Catching up with Alex Jacobson

They say you can teach seven-feet. That may be true, but there are other aspects of the game you can teach. Luckily for Alex Jacobson, he is smart enough to know that he can't just rely on his height at the next level. The future Wildcat big man discusses his state title, plus what he is doing over the summer to get ready to be a Wildcat.

How does it feel to win a state championship in your senior year?

Alex Jacobson: "We got there three years in a row, and we lost the first two…so winning it as a senior means especially a lot to me. Going out on top just makes it even more exciting."

What are you doing now, and plan on doing over the summer to prepare for your freshman year with Arizona?

Jacobson: "I'm starting to work with my personal trainer that will be very intense workouts. I expect to do them three or four times a week. Basketball wise, I am going to work out with a few different coaches, with one of them being the coach where Mile Simon's dad is an assistant."

Has Arizona talked to you about what they plan on doing with you next year in terms of playing time?

Jacobson: "Not really. They've told me that I need to get a lot stronger, and bigger. In regards to playing time, I'm not anticipating that I'm going to play."

What are you looking forward to the most in regards to attending Arizona; in terms of basketball & school?

Jacobson: "I look forward to being coached by Coach Olson along with the incoming freshman class that I think is very good and I look forward to playing with them. Plus, the atmosphere that the fans have towards the basketball program is exciting."

"In regards to school, a lot of kids from Mater Dei go to Arizona so that'll make the transition a bit easier. I'm also an undecided right now."

Are you still working with your dad's old college coach? If so, what can you tell me about that?

Jacobson: "Yes, coach Lusenberger is that guy. He's strictly basketball, so I look forward to working with him and becoming a better player."

What are some aspects of your game that you feel you need to work on?

Jacobson: "I just need to work on everything, just like most people do. But the main aspect that I want to get better at is playing on the wing. Dribbling and putting the ball on the floor and getting my shot off is something I want to expand on. Just being able to expand my game and step outside will help immensely."

The Cats are recruiting some of your teammates from this year. Guys like David & Travis Wear, and Andy Brown. Do they ask you about Arizona, or do you talk to them about it?

Jacobson: "Yeah, if they come to me with a question I answer it truthfully. It'd be cool if they came, but if they don't, that's totally understandable. I know that the parents of the Wear twins have asked my parents about Arizona, but they also ask me questions if they need to."

"The Wear twins have the potential to be pretty good ballplayers. Both are pretty similar, but have a lot of potential."

You faced Drew Gordon in the state championship game. What are your thoughts on him?

Jacobson: "He's pretty good. He's physical, and has a lot of abilities which he uses to his advantage. I'd see him more as a power forward or a three type player at the college level."

Do you anticipate working with 7-footer, Kirk Walters next year?

Jacobson: "No, not really, but I would like to work with Kirk in terms of getting used to the Arizona program and incorporate what they do with guys of our size."

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