Wildcat Recruiting History

The key to success in college basketball is talent. You get talent by recruiting. Even the best coach in the world can only do so much without talented players to coach. Looking at Arizona's recent struggles one has to look at how the Wildcats have done on the recruiting trail.

Recruiting is not just about five-star recruits. It is about unearthing hidden gems, finding guys who fill a role and making sure the personalities click.

In an effort to see how successful (or unsuccessful) recent classes have been, we need to look at the history of the program under Olson and compare classes.

To do this we will rank every scholarship player in the class 0-3 and then take an average of the class.

The Scale:
3 – Major Contributor: This is a player who was a star or was a major contributor for four years. If the player left early, he made huge impact on the program while he was here.
2 – Solid Contributor: This is a player who had a solid, good career at Arizona. He either played a solid role for four years, or left early just before he could blossom.
1 – Mild Contribution: This is for a little used player, or a player who made a brief impact before leaving.
0 – Little OR No Contribution: This player made next to no difference in the program.

Current players are rated based upon their impact to date.
2006 (1.5)
Chase Budinger (2) – Started every game as a freshman.
Jordan Hill (1.5) – Part-time starter.
Nic Wise (1) – Little used.

2005 (1.0)
J.P. Prince (0) – Transferred.
Marcus Williams (2) – Turned pro after two years.
Fendi Onobun (1) – Little used in first two years.

2004 (1.13)
Daniel Dillon (1.5) – Three year bit player.
Jesus Verdejo (1) – Transferred.
Mohamed Tangara (0) – Injuries have sidetracked his career.
Jawann McClellan (2) – Small glimpses of promise, derailed by injury.

2003 (1.33)
Kirk Walters (2) – Little used big man who may get a chance to shine as a senior.
Mustafa Shakur (2) – Four-year starter who helmed just one top-4 seeded team.
Ndudi Ebi (0) – Turned pro out of high school.

2002 (1.63)
Chris Rodgers (1.5) - Four-year player who was as much a distraction as a benefit.
Chris Dunn (0) – Never played a minute for the Wildcats.
Andre Iguodala (2) – Played two years before turning pro.
Hassan Adams (3) – Three year starter who is in the top-10 in scoring.

2001 (1.8)
Dennis Latimore (1) Played sparingly before transferring weeks before NCAA Tournament.
Salim Stoudamire (3) Attitude the only problem. One of the most clutch players in school history.
Channing Frye (3) Arguably the best big man in school history.
Will Bynum (1) Flashes of talent before transferring in the middle of his sophomore season.
Isaiah Fox (1) Solid freshman season before injuries and attitude sidetracked his career.

2000 (.5)
Andrew Zahn (0) Almost no impact on the program.
Travis Hanour (1) Little used before transferring.

1999 (1.4)
Lamont Frazier (1) Two-year back-up.
Luke Recker (0) Transfer who never played at UA. May have scared away other recruits.
Gilbert Arenas (3) Two-year starter. Led Cats to 2001 NC.
Jason Gardner (3) Four-year starter. Top-10 in almost every offensive category.
Robertas Javtokas (0) Turned pro after one semester.

1998 (2.2)
Rick Anderson (2.5) Anderson was a two year starter and a co-captain on the team who went to the Elite 8 in 2003.
Loren Woods (3) Two year starter after transferring to Arizona from Wake Forest. Was a major reason Arizona went to the 2001 National Championship game.
Ruben Douglas (1) Had a solid freshman season before transferring to New Mexico.
Richard Jefferson (3) Three-year starter before turning pro. Had a stellar 2001 NCAA Tournament.
Luke Walton (3) Four-year contributor. Two-year starter. Played in a Final Four and an Elite 8.
Traves Wilson (0) Transferred after one year.
Michael Wright (3) Three-year starter before turning pro.

1997 (0.0)
Dion Broom (0) – Never played a minute due to academics.

1996 (1.8)
Mike Bibby (3) Led Cats to the 2001 NC and an Elite 8 before turning pro.
Bennett Davison (3) Two year starter on two great teams.
Gene Edgerson (2) Only UA player to play in two Final Fours. Great role player.
Stephen Jackson (0) – Never enrolled due to academics.
Quynn Tebbs (1) Transferred to Weber State.
Justin Wessel (2) Great four-year role player.

1995 (3.0)
A.J. Bramlett (3) Three-year starter.
Jason Terry (3) Key reserve on 97 and 98 teams before being national Player of the Year as a senior.

1994 (2.75)
Ben Davis (3) Two-year starter. All-Pac-10 player.
Michael Dickerson (3) Three-year starter. Led Cats to the national championship.
Kelvin Eafon (1) Played a small role for two seasons before joining football team.
Donell Harris (1) His play in the 2001 national championship game almost boosts him to a two, but his being kicked off the team the next year tarnishes what he did in that one game.
Miles Simon (3) If I could give a four, I would. Great career. MVP of Final Four.

1993 (.5)
Marty Bartmentloo (0) Little used player who returned to Australia after a year and a half.
Jarvis Kelley (1) Transferred to Rice.

1992 (2.1)
Joseph Blair (2.5) Academic woes at the end of his career tarnish a solid career.
Edtrick Bohannon (1) Showed flashes of real talent before transferring.
Reggie Geary (3) Best defender in school history. Senior season averaged over seven assists.
Joe McLean (2) Solid four-year role player. Part-time starter as a senior.
Corey Williams (2) Solid four-year role player. Starter as a senior.

1991 (1.75)
Sean Allen (0) No impact before transferring.
Ray Owes (2.5) Solid career. Two-year starter. Dylan Rigdon (2) Nice role player after transferring into the program.
Damon Stoudamire (3) One of the best players in school history.

1990 (2.0)
Tony Clark (1) Used sparingly before transferring.
Khalid Reeves (3) His senior season is one of the best in school history.

1989 (1.4)
Kevin Flanagan (1) Four-year role player. Saw some meaningful action as a senior.
Deron Johnson (0) Transferred.
Chris Mills (3) Three-year starter after transferring in. All-Pac-10 performer.
Casey Schmidt (1) Little used before transferring.
Ed Stokes (2) Four-year career. Started off and on.

1988 (2.25)
Ron Curry (1) Little used before he transferred.
Matt Othick (3) Three-year starting point guard.
Brian Williams (3) Two-year starter before turning pro.
Wayne Womack (2) Part-time starter over three seasons.

1987 (2.0)
Mark Georgeson (0) Transferred early in his redshirt freshman season.
Matt Muehlebach (3) Was a three year starter and never lost at home.
Sean Rooks (3) Started the majority of his career.

1986 (2.67)
Jud Buechler (3) Four year contributor. Cats' best player his senior season.
Harvey Mason (2) Four-year player. Solid contributor last three years.
Tom Tolbert (3) Two-year starter as a JC transfer.

1985 (1.67)
Anthony Cook (3) Four year starter. NBA player. Set several school records.
Eric Cooper (0) Transferred
Brian David (2) Four-year role player who battled injuries.
Sean Elliot (3) Arguably the best player in school history.
Kenny Lofton (2) Started his senior season. Four-year contributor.
Bruce Weatley (0) Transferred

1984 (2.0)
John Edgar (2) Solid role player.
Bruce Fraser (1) Little used player.
Rolf Jacobs (1) Little used player before he was kicked off the team.
Craig McMillan (3) Four-year starter.
Joe Turner (2) Role player, first big man off the bench final two years.

1983 (2.0)
Steve Kerr (3) Three-year starter. One of the best shooters in school history.
Eddie Smith (3) Two-year starter as a JC transfer.
Pete Williams (3) Two-year starter as a JC transfer.. Best rebounder in the Olson era.
Michael Tait (1) Part-time starter before transferring
Van Beard (0) Transferred

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