Post Spring Evals: RBs

Chris Henry is gone. Gone is the staggering athleticism. Gone is the great potential. Gone may be a few headaches as well. The Wildcats headed into spring with a running back competition. Did they wrap it up?

Chris Jennings came into camp as the most experienced running back and did nothing to hurt his chances at starting next season. He did not have a break out camp, but showed that he may be the running back who is the best dual threat in the spread.

Jennings seems to be the shiftiest runner of the group and that seems to pay dividends in the offense. He has good hands and a good burst which is also a plus.

Xavier Smith had a solid spring, though one marred by personal tragedy. His mother went missing during the final week of practice and was found murdered prior to the spring game. Despite that, Smith did not miss a practice and played very well.

Terry Longbons also had a solid spring. He was clearly the number three, but got a good amount of carries in the two scrimmages and put up good numbers.

Stepping Up: Jennings entered the spring as the starter and did nothing to hurt his chances of starting against BYU.

Pleasant Surprise: No one really knew what to make of Longbons. Injuries and a personal tragedy of his own kept him off the field. He showed that he is not going down without a fight.

On Their Way:Freshmen Joseph Reese and Nicholas Grigsby could both be a factor in this race when they arrive in the fall.

Question For The Fall: Do they have a marquee back? Do they need one? Although there are several bodies on the roster, none have proven themselves. All three runners, as well as the two incoming freshmen, have a load of talent, but no one is proven. The second question may be more important. There are some who believe that even a decent back can put up huge numbers in the spread.

Final Thought: I think the Cats have some capable runners, but I'm not sure there is a star. It was really tough to get a very good gauge on things over the spring because the defense had become very familiar with the offense

Scrimmage Stats:

Xavier Smith: 16-120 (7.5 ypc)
Chris Jennings 14-103 (7.4 ypc)
Terry Longbons 12-71 (5.9 ypc)

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