Rumor becoming reality

For several weeks rumors have circulated through Wildcat land about a possible change to the basketball coaching staff. Now it appears if those rumors are, at least in part, true.

Prior to the Final Four, there was a lot of talk that former UA assistant Kevin O'Neil would re-join the staff. The prevailing thought was that he would replace associate head coach Jim Rosborough.

Although nothing official has come down, the talk of O'Neil's arrival picked up over the past 72 hours. Lute Olson did tell the Tucson Citizen that there would be changes to the staff, but would not go into any other details.

The rest of the coaching staff has declined to comment, but several sources close to the program believe that O'Neil will join the staff. The biggest question is whether or not Rosborough will remain with the program.

There seem to be three different scenarios that could play out. The first has Rosborough moving into some administrative role within the basketball program. This would allow him to still handle some coaching duties, but limit his interactions with the players in game and practice situations.

Another scenario that was spelled out has Rosborough taking a job within the athletic department, but not necessarily having much to do with the basketball program.

A final scenario has the long-time assistant leaving the University all together. Though no one would go on record, one source indicated that they felt Rosborough would not be happy with any move.

It could be several days until O'Neil is announced. If a move is made the position must be made available for at least a week as per state law. It would be a mere formality, as many coaching hires have been leaked while the job was technically ‘open'.

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