Game Talk: Utah/Arizona

There were two distinctly different moods in the locker rooms following the Wildcats' 23-17 win over Utah. In the Arizona locker room the talk was of finally getting a close game to go their way. Utah on the other hand was upset over a late call where the referee ruled that Ute's receiver Josh Lyman was out of bounds following a diving catch in the endzone.

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On the controversial call:

"TD. Game's over. All I got to say," said Utah's Ron McBride. "Impossible call to miss. Everyone in the stadium saw it. Everyone on TV saw it. Embarrassing. Embarrassing to the conference the game should have been over. Worst call I have ever seen in 40 years."

"I felt like I was in the endzone, but there's not much I can do about it now," Lyman said. "We did what we had to do. We got into the endzone, but we didn't get the outcome we were hoping for…It was real quiet in the locker room. Everyone was upset, but we will look to turn things around next week."

"The outcome of the game was a heartbreaker," said Utah defensive end Jason Kafusi. "The play at the end looked like a good touchdown."

"I'm not sure what happened on that play," said UA corner back Michael Jolivette, who was defending the play. "I was defending him and couldn't see where he landed.

On Arizona finally winning a close game:

"It feels great," said Jason Johnson. "We definitely feel like we got a monkey off our backs."

"You can tell the difference," said Clay Hardt. "If you've been in the locker room after the other close games then you saw how down we were."

"We were (in tight games last season), but we didn't pull it out," said John Mackovic. "Tonight we won the game. They stepped it up and pulled it out."

"It's good," said Ray Wells. "We know we really can win a close game."

Misc. musings:

"They threw the ball three yards behind the line," Hardt said of the final play. "They needed like six yards, but with the throw they had to go nine."

"We had a real nice drive before halftime," said Mackovic. "To score no points would have been a big boost to them."

"Turnovers were the difference, especially the one in the scoring zone," Wells said.

"It was a gut check game," Mackovic said. "Last year we were in games like this and did not pull it out."

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