Although the action on the final day of the Cactus Classic was great, there was almost more action off the floor. Considering 24 teams had already been eliminated, there were plenty of players running around McKale with nowhere to be.

The NCAA rules state that as long as a player's team is alive in an on-campus AAU event, the player cannot have any contact with college coaches until the day after their team is eliminated. That meant that on Sunday a number of players were able to interact with the Wildcat staff.

Possibly the most important of these was big man Terrence Jennings. Jennings' Play Hard Play Smart team was eliminated late Saturday night, so he was able to meet with the coaches and get a tour of the facilities before he had to fly out.

A number of players met the Wildcat staff. Phoenix youngster Matt Carlino is very familiar with the Wildcat program as his uncle Brock Brunkhorst played for Arizona in the 80's. Carlino is many years away from a decision but he was wearing an Arizona Wildcat t-shirt during the day.

His family was present as well, including two younger family members who were scouring the various team photos on the wall, while wondering "where's Brock?"

The Wear twins also took some time to say hello to the staff. They have been out to Tucson on numerous occasions, so nothing was too new. Their father was overheard complimenting the weather, but it will take more than just good weather to land the two 2009 big men.

Joining the Wears was Mater Dei teammate Andy Brown. Brown is probably a high mid-major type, but another year at Mater Dei and who knows what kind of prospect he can develop into. One recruiting analyst thought he'd be a perfect fit for the Princeton offense. Although Larry Drew is set to take a lengthy unofficial visit on Monday, he was all over McKale on Sunday. He and Pump N Run teammates Jrue Holiday and Max Brown watched the Double Pump Elite play their semi-final game and also took a look around McKale.

One of the players on Double Pump is guard James Rahon. Like Drew, he will stick around on Monday to get a longer look at the program. Rahon does not have a Wildcat offer, but he is getting a lot of interest from the program. He's a great shooter and the Wildcats have wanted to upgrade their outside shooting in recent recruiting classes. This could be interesting to see if there is room for the sharpshooter in the recruiting class.

The third player staying an extra day is Brandon Jennings. Jennings led Belmont Shore to finals of the tournament, dominating the event. In the end the New York Gauchos had too much for the undersized Belmont team but that did not keep Jennings from being one of the best performers in the event.

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