Cactus Classic: Day 3

The Cactus Classic concluded on Sunday afternoon with the New York Gauchos taking the title. A number of good prospects were on hand and we were able to talk to a number of younger players at the event.

The best player at the event may have been the youngest. Freshman big man Jeremy Tyler is just plain good. He's already got size and athleticism and with some more refinement he could be just incredible.

Beacuase of his age, Tyler's family does not want him speaking with the media but the high school teammate of Jamelle Horne is said to be interested in the Wildcats. He attended the Elite Camp last year and the Cats have been on him from the start.

His California Supreme team had a number of impressive young players. 6-5 wing Tyler Lamb looks to be a real good prospect. He's a heck of a shooter and has some athleticism. He models his game after Ray Allen and Carmelo Anthony and you can see the occasional glimpse of those players. He is hearing from teams all over the country and is not worried about location or tempo. He did mention that he loves Tucson and hopes to hear more from the Wildcats.

Arizona has traditionally done well with players from Mater Dei. They have a freshman point guard in Gary Franklin that could develop into a big time recruit. He is already hearing a lot from elite level programs, but wants to stay out west. He did say he wants the Wildcats to pursue him and also mentioned UCLA and USC as favorites. Get ready to hear more about the Houston Hoops' Keith Gallon. The 6-9 big man is built like a defensive tackle, but moves like a wide out (that's probably why he is a well regarded tight end prospect). Gallon may be carrying nearly 300 pounds, but he is very agile. He's got fantastic footwork and hands. One observer compared him to Ike Diogu and that could be an apt description.

Maybe the most shocking thing is that, despite his weight, he has very good endurance. He was able to log serious minutes all weekend long.

Hal Pastner, director the Hoops, said that Gallon was a "special" athlete. In addition to being a big man in the middle, Pastner said that he may be the squads best three-point shooter and is one of their better ball handlers. He could legitimately be a personal trainer away from being a huge prospect. Gallon likes the Wildcats a lot and said that he expects to hear more from them. He's also hearing from most of the Texas teams and Pastner claims that UCLA is hot on his heels.

Two sophomores from the Wisconsin Playground Warriors could wind up being Wildcat targets. 6-7 Jamil Wilson has great spring and athleticism, but is very raw. Although most of the teams he lists are in the Midwest, he does have an aunt who lives in Phoenix and that could be an in for the Cats.

Point guard Johnnie Lacey is a warrior. Small, quick and tough, he seems to be a guy to really keep an eye on. He's mostly interested in Midwestern and southern teams at this point (he's originally from Arkansas) but liked his experience in Tucson and could consider the Cats.

The Gauchos are not exactly laden with Wildcat prospects, but they do have a few players they Wildcats seem to have an eye on. Big man Dan Jennings has good size and may very well be a player the Cats look at to fill the final big man slot.

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