Jennings has his eyes on July decision

The recruitment of Brandon Jennings has taken many a twist and turn. At one point he was committed to USC and now the Trojans aren't even under consideration. Jennings was in town for the Cactus Classic, as well as an unofficial visit.

This is actually Jennings' third trip to Tucson. He played in last year's Classic and attended the first Elite Camp two years ago. Although he has been around McKale, the unofficial afforded him a chance to see far more of campus and the facilities than he was able his last two trips.

It was also a chance for him to pick the brain of Wildcat standout Chase Budinger.

"We played together a few years ago with the SoCal All-Stars," Jennings said.

The Wildcats, along with UConn and Kentucky are all in the running and as of now Jennings is not boasting a leader. He feels that all three schools have a lot in common.

"They all let their point guards go," Jennings explained. "They all love basketball at their schools. Basketball is their number one priority."

At one time he was committed to USC, but the Trojans are no longer in the picture. He mentioned the fact that the Trojans just signed two point guards was a factor, but in the end the other schools "are a better fit."

The former Compton standout is now playing for Oak Hill on the East Coast and has enjoyed his time in Virginia.

"I like the east coast better," Jennings said. "All they do out there is play basketball. Like they say, the West Coast is kind of Hollywood."

When asked if his newfound love of the East would give UConn an advantage he said "no". He also denied an influence from former UConn guard Marcus Williams, whose father coached him on the SoCal All-Stars.

If UConn gets the nod it will be because of their tradition and the ability to produce NBA talent.

"I see all the people who came out of there and are superstars," Jennings said.

One might assume Kentucky got in the race because of how new head coach used point guard Acie Law IV while at Texas A&M. Jennings said it was more of a factor of who will be there, not who is there.

"My (Oak Hill) teammate Alex Legion and Patrick Patterson and those guys went there," Jennings explained of the sudden interest in Kentucky. "A team of Alex Legion and Patrick Patterson would be pretty nice."

Arizona gets a nod because of how they have produced and used point guards. He likes the fact that the Wildcat strive to score 100 points a game.

If there is a knock on Jennings it is the fact that many believe he has his eyes on the NBA. Anytime you have a five-star prospect, people will wonder how long a player will be in school. Jennings has no set timetable for staying in school but admits to be looking at the pro gram.

"If I am ready I hope the coach will let me do my thing," Jennings said. "There is no rush, you have to do it at the perfect time."

One thing he does have a timetable for is when he wants to announce. Jennings, along with a few other players, have all discussed making their college intentions known during the Big Time Tournament in Las Vegas at the end of July.

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