Could Jennings pledge open new doors?

The obvious benefit of the commitment of Brandon Jennings is that the Wildcats get a five-star point guard recruit. However, the commitment could pay other dividends for the program.

All indications are that Jennings could open doors to recruits once thought to be out of reach for the Wildcats. As a well-liked player, one who has played on both coasts, he has ties to a number of elite recruits. Jennings was rumored to be a package deal at a couple of different schools. Although no such deals exist at Arizona, Jennings could be the catalyst to get the Cats involved with some of the nation's top prospects.

Right now the team seems poised on offering one more scholarship for sure, and could offer a fifth in the class if they get the feeling a player could transfer.

They will most assuredly try to add a second big man in the class, preferably a more traditional post presence to compliment the wildly athletic Emmanuel Negedu.

By now anyone who follows Wildcat recruiting knows that the team has pinpointed Terrence Jennings as a priority get and nothing has changed on that front. The Wildcats are still in good with the NoCal big man. He made an unofficial visit after the Cactus Classic and the Wildcats are still in very good shape with Jennings.

One issue with Jennings is that the NCAA has changed some of the rules in regards to admitting post-high school players, so getting him in school is no slam dunk.

Another big man the Cats are considering that has the same issues is Laron Dendy. Dendy, who has reclassified for the 2008 class, will not play basketball next season in an effort to shore up his academics.

The Cats have long been on Dallas' J'Mison Morgan. He has the Wildcats lumped in with a number of teams. One rumor had Brandon Jennings committing to UConn and bringing Samardo Samuels and Ed Davis with him. Those two could be in play for the Wildcats.

The Wildcats have a lot of ground to make up, but apparently the commitment from Jennings is enough to make it worthwhile for Arizona to pursue these two, and other, elite players.

Samuels is generally regarded as the nation's top center. The five-star player listed North Carolina, UConn, Florida, Georgetown and Louisville as his top schools in late April. He's been compared a bit to Knicks big man Eddy Curry and is clearly an elite level post player.

Davis is rated as the No. 2 PF in the nation, as well as the nation's second best overall prospect. He's a bouncy, athletic big man who is the son of a former NBA player. In the past UConn and UVA had the edge on a number of other East Coast programs.

Another name that has cropped up of late is Storm Warren. The 6-8 forward is known for his strength and willingness to do the dirty work. So far the Louisiana product has been listing SEC schools.

I have also heard Greg Monroe's name bandied about, but all indication is that he will be next to impossible to make up ground with.

With a second big a pressing need, the Cats will find one. They cannot do what they did this season and only land a single post player. Expect them to continue to evaluate players throughout the recruiting season. They will also explore overseas players and even junior college talent, though JUCO bigs are at a premium.

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