Telep on Jennings

Wildcat fans are still basking in the glow of the Brandon Jennings commitment. Even half a week later the news that the elite point guard committed to Arizona has Wildcat fans smiling. Here is what national recruiting director Dave Telep feels about Jennings.

Question: Tell us about Brandon Jennings:

Telep: "Brandon Jennings is a 6-1, acrobatic point guard. He has been te top point guard in the country for the last 2-3 seasons. He's just a kid who can turn the tempo up on offense. To me he is the best guy in his age group in terms of changing the tempo, pace and speed of the game. B Jennings is just an end line to endline guy who is just a tremendous player.

"At we ranked him as the No. 7 prospect in the class of 2008.

"He's so confident with the basketball. It is interesting, the course of his career has gone through a couple of different life cycles. As a freshman and sophomore he was primarily known for his passing ability. More towards his junior year he developed into a scorer and that has been the forefront of his game.

"When he achieves that balance to his game, which he is capable of doing. He has been at a high level as a scorer. He;s been the best in the country as a passer. When he comes full circle with both of those things is when he will be even more dangerous.

He's been to two different high schools and previously committed to USC. How firm is his commitment in your eyes?

Telep: I think that is a pretty fair question considering the history of it. However, this time, after talking to some of the parties involved I think we have a very stable situation and a firm commitment on his part to Arizona. I think te other schools who are recriting Brandon are moving in other directions because they have been told it is a done deal.

Jennings originally said he wanted to commit in July. How did the Wildcats get him to pull the trigger so soon after leaving campus?

Telep: "When a guy goes on campus on a place like Arizona and guys like Miles Simon, Lute Olson, Josh Pastner and Kevin O'Neil post you up it can force your hand a little bit and that seems like what happened. When you have a guy of that caliber on campus it is your job as a basketball coach to ask for a commitment. Certainly Arizona did that and Brandon Jennings liked what he saw."

If he is as good as advertised, is he a one-and-done player?

Telep: "I don't think it is a one-year deal, but I do think this is a guy who is going to keep dribbling a basketball (after college) but I don't think it is a one-year deal."

Between now and signing day, how much pressure will he face from other programs?

Telep: "Certainly there is no sure thing. I can tell you in speaking to people I know in the basketball world that the news came down that Brandon Jennings committed to Arizona and people have begun looking at other targets. "No one really believed the Southern Cal commitment was very firm a week after the commitment, This one looks and smells and sounds a whole lot different."

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