Introducing Tyler Lamb

Projecting college basketball recruits early in their prep careers can be tough. A player who is physically dominant at 14, may not progress much by 18. One skill that rarely disappears over the years is a jumpshot. There is one player in the 2010 class that has a jumper that is making some of the big dogs take notice.

Tyler Lamb is just starting to make a name for himself. Playing alongside big time post prospect Jeremy Tyler, Lamb is starting to attract some attention, mostly for his shooting ability.

Although there are questions about his athleticism, there are no questions about his ability to shoot the ball.

"Just a freshman he's already a strong perimeter shooter," said recruiting analyst Dave Telep. Needless to say, Lamb is aware if the strength of his jumper.

"Now a days I don't think a lot of people can knock down the jump shot," Lamb said. "It is a lot of show time going on. I work on my shooting every day. I pride myself on my shooting."

He's been praised for his feel for the game, but he still has a long way to go to cement his place in the class of 2010. Fortunately, he's well aware that he has improvements to make.

"Right now I have to get better at everything, mainly ball handling and defense," Lamb admitted.

He's gotten letters from a number of schools, including UCLA, Oklahoma State and Oregon and has been told to expect a number of other programs to get involved.

He grew up rooting for Georgetown, Arizona and Syracuse and would like to hear more from each school. He's especially intrigued by the Wildcats after a visit to the Cactus Classic and word from his high school coaches that the Cats have been showing some interest.

"I like Arizona a lot," Lamb said. "The campus is beautiful."

Interestingly enough, his three childhood favorites all play drastically different styles. This has not gone unnoticed by Lamb, and in a way his AAU coaches.

"I think my coaches right now are setting me up to play whatever style of basketball they can because they are really good coaches," Lamb said. "They are just basically getting me ready to play in any type of environment."

Lamb does not plan on making an early commitment, but he hasn't ruled it out either. "If the right college comes, then I am all for it," Lamb said, noting that his plan right now is to commit after his junior year.

It remains to be seen if Lamb develops into a high-major prospect, but he does have a shot, a jumpshot that is.

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