A Look Ahead: Willie Tuitama

The countdown to fall camp is on. Already the first football preview magazines are on the newsstands and amazingly enough we are about two months away from the start of fall camp. We will start taking a look at key players on the roster and see the possibilities for the upcoming season.

Last Season: The promise of his freshman campaign was all but ended on the first play of the second game. Concussions or the threat of concussions were a problem all season long. When he did play, a lack of a running game really hindered his efforts.

2006 Stats:
118-211 1,335 yards, 7 tds, 6 ints

Needs To Improve:To be fair it is tough to really be overly critical of his game because his biggest issues last year were injury related. It is also tough because he is still adapting to the new offensive system and the only exposure we have seen is two short scrimmages.

In the scrimmages he had a tendency to lock in on receivers and also had some trouble throwing the deep ball on the short drops that the offense calls for.

Best Case Scenario: Tuitama becomes the passer that we saw two years ago against UCLA and the first half of the ASU game. He takes to the new offense, remains injury free and puts up some huge numbers ala the Texas Tech passers.

Worst Case Scenario: The injury bug rears its ugly head. He has been knocked out of nearly half the games he has started. In addition to the head injuries he has also suffered thumb, ankle and rib injuries.

Most Likely Scenario: Sonny Dykes has never had a quarterback knocked out of a game and I think the new offense and improved offensive line will keep Tuitama upright. I'd expect some early growing pains, but the spread offense is designed to put up big numbers through the air and I expect Tuitama to take to the offense. He may not be All-Conference, but expect a solid season from the junior passer.

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