Vegas DL sifting through offers

Las Vegas has been producing some interesting football prospects of late. One of those players is defensive lineman Lawrence Guy. Wildcat Insider caught up with Guy to learn the latest on his recruitment.

Lawrence is a big, versatile lineman from Western High School in Las Vegas. He's 6-6 and about 265 and at this stage can play either defensive end or defensive tackle.

Although it is very early in his recruitment, Guy currently has a top five of Oklahoma, Tennessee, Oregon State, Arizona and Arizona State. He is also boasting offers from Oregon, Illinois, Utah, San Diego State and UNLV.

When asked about Arizona he said he was developing a good relationship with assistant coach Darrell Wyatt and liked the fact that it was "close to home".

He did not have a ton of specifics about any of the teams he is looking at. He is in the early stages of his recruitment and is still feeling out his suitors.

What he does know is that he wants to be a part of a program that is not willing to settle for being average.

"I am looking for a school that is moving up in scale," Guy said. "I want a school that is not staying the same, but is getting better by the year."

He considers himself a tough player with a good motor.

"I am a physical player," guy said. "Playing hard every play is something that is easy for me to do."

Last year as a junior he had 90 tackles and 11 sacks during his 2006 junior season, earning all-state honors.

This summer he will attend the Oregon State camp and spend the rest of the time getting ready for his senior season.

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