Still getting noticed

Lucas Reed is an intriguing prospect. He was a little used player on Sabino's state runner-up squad a year ago. The 6-6 receiver/tight end does not have any offers yet, but he does have a place to play next year if he wants it.

Reed is the younger brother of Arizona fullback Brooks Reed. While visiting Brooks on campus on Thursday, their father Bob ran into Mike Stoops and got an interesting offer.

"He (Stoops) said they felt Lucas wasn't ready quite yet, but they would love to have him in the program," the elder Reed said. "I asked what ‘love to have him in the program' meant?" According to Mr. Reed Stoops said that he was invited to walk-on and had a chance to earn a scholarship.

Although Reed is sort of a "tweener" he is actually a very good fit for the "Y" position in the new spread offense.

Lucas was excited about the offer, even if it was not a scholarship offer. "The U has always been my dream school," Lucas said via e-mail.

Lucas was "surprised" at the offer.

Although his goal is to earn a scholarship, staying home and playing in Tucson holds many appeals. First and foremost it would be a chance to play with his brother. Brooks was on varsity when Lucas was a freshman and Lucas did not make the varsity until he was a junior and Brooks was already at Arizona.

Other reasons to accept a walk-on would be to stay close to his tight knit group of friend and allow his parents to watch his games. Brooks still has dinner on weekends with the family, and Lucas noted that he would continue that as well.

On the other hand, Reed would like to pay for college by playing football. "That would be cool too," Lucas added. "It would be something I had done on my own."

Obviously it would also help alleviate a huge financial burden on the family.

Although he does not have any current offers, he is hearing from Colorado and Colorado State. He would prefer to stay close to Arizona and mentioned programs like NAU, San Diego State, San Jose State and the two schools in New Mexico as places that could be a good fit.

Reed may not know where he wants to go to school, but he knows what he wants from a school.

"They have a computer tech major, or a computer science major," Lucas said. "I'd have to get along with the coaches and the players."

Lucas self reports a bench of 300, squat or 350, and he power cleans 265. A very solid student, Reed also wrestles, runs sprints and throws the shot put. He is working on getting stronger and faster, knowing both will be necessary to earn offers.

Reed should have an expanded role next season for the Sabercats and the goal is to get some better game film to send to colleges. As for now, the Wildcats know about him.

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