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Arizona's switch to the spread offense is already paying dividends. The appeal of the spread was a major reason that Matt Scott committed to Arizona on Friday.

The chance to hand picked by the new Wildcat offensive staff was too great of a draw for Matt Scott.

"It was just too good of an opportunity at Arizona to pass up," Scott said. "To be the first QB that the new staff brought in was a great opportunity."

Scott is an athletic, versatile quarterback who fits in well in the spread offense. He's got a quick release and a strong arm, plus he's very familiar with the scheme.

"We run the spread at my high school," Scott said. "I really like it and feel very comfortable with it."

Scott was recruited by Darrell Wyatt and Sonny Dykes, and felt at home with both coaches.

"I clicked with their personalities," Scott explained. "I had fun getting to know them. They are good people."

Although Scott is a very versatile athlete, he played WR as a freshman, he is clearly being recruited to Arizona as a quarterback. The fact that other big time passers had taken notice of the Wildcats was not lost on Scott and he wanted to ensure himself a spot in the recruiting class.

"There didn't seem to be any point in waiting," said Scott. "I made some visits then sat down and weighed my options. Everyone commits so early these days that I wanted to make sure when I made up my mind that I was set."

Scott has kept an eye on the Wildcats for some time. After he received his first letter from the program he began watching the team and became a fan.

"They have been one of my favorites," he said when asked about a rooting interest when he was younger.

He visited the Wildcats last month and just took trips to Minnesota and Boise State. He was also considering Cal, Washington, San Diego State and Idaho.

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