Game Talk: Wisconsin 31, Arizona 10

It was a tough loss for the Wildcats. The Wisconsin Badgers controlled every facet of the game en route to a 31-10 win and Coach Mackovic had some frank comments after the game.

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The early turnover proved to be key.

"Jason's interception may have been the same as a punt, but it's not moral-wise for the other team even though the yardage is about the same."

The blocked punt may have sealed the Cats' fate.

"The blocked punt really did hurt. We had a missed assignment, actually we had a missed call on the block protection. Those kind of things in a game of this caliber against a high caliber opponent will cost you big time."

Even though the defense was poor, the offense wasn't very good either.

"We were never really able to mount anything offensively. We had dropped balls in the first half and just didn't have any kind of consistency there."

The defensive line struggled against the big Badger line.

"Defensively we weren't penetrating the line very well. We didn't get in the backfield and we gave Anthony Davis way too much running room."

The Badgers are 5-0 and could be headed to a special season.

"They will be a real force in the Big-10. They have a terrific quarterback. He's a senior, he's been starting four years. He knows the game, he knows the concepts. When they get Lee Evans back, that gives them a premier receiver. They'll play Even-Steven with anyone in the Big-10."

The running game got on track, but there is a lot of work left to do.

"We had that one long run when we caught them in a blitz. We did make some progress, but we still have a ways to go. Next week is a real important week to come back. It's a very long season and you can't bank everything on one particular Saturday. As good as you feel on a Saturday after a win, when you lose you have to come right back and get to work on Monday."

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