Wait and see

Offensive line is a need position for the Wildcats. Although there are plenty of players in place on the roster, the Cats have a hole in recruiting since they did not sign an offensive lineman last season. That makes this year's class an important one. Vaughn Dotsy is a prospect who could help.

The big, but athletic lineman is a top-25 offensive lineman. At 6-4, 367 Dotsy is a surprisingly nimble player.

"One of my strengths is how quick my feet are for a big guy," Dotsy said. "People are always a little surprised at how athletic I am for a big guy."

Despite the fact that he's very quick for such a big player, he still wants to get quicker.

"You can never be too fast," he said. The St. Bonaventure product also considers his strength to be a key part of his game. He has the ability to mow over opponents.

Right now UCLA, USC, California, Oregon and Michigan are his favorites, but he does have his eyes on the Wildcats. Right now all the Cats are missing are the wins.

"Arizona is at the back of my list," Dotsy said. "I want to see how they do this season with the new offensive coaches."

The longer Dotsy waits, the better it will be for the Wildcats.

"If I were to pick them, it will be later in the season," Dotsy said.

So far this summer he has visited UCLA, USC, Cal and San Diego State and he made an unofficial to Tucson in the spring. He does not plan on making any other visits this summer, instead he will be waiting until the fall when he can make his official visits.

All of the schools on his list are on the West Coast, with the exception of Michigan. Although he has not visited the Wolverines, he says that everything he has heard is been positive.

"Everyone says it is nice," Dotsy explained.

In the end it will come down to a feel. Although is parents will help him make a decision, Dotsy feels he will just know the right school when it is time.

"It will be a gut feeling," Dotsy said. "I will just know. I will make a decision when it feels right."

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