High motor lineman

Hamani Stevens is a versatile linemen who could wind up on either side of the ball in college. He has a host of big name suitors, and is waiting on a few more.

Hamani Stevens, a 6-2, 290 pounder from Hemet, CA claims to be wide open. Among the teams he is listing are Oregon, USC, UCLA, Arizona State, Washington and Arizona. He has also mentioned Michigan State and Colorado.

"I'm pretty much open," Stevens stressed.

He did note that he planned to take all of his official visits, as well as some more unofficials before making a decision.

Arizona has made a good impression so far.

"I like Arizona a lot," Stevens noted. "It is a pretty good school."

He recently camped with USC and likes the Trojans a lot. He does not have an offer yet, but admits that if USC did extend the scholarship it would be tough to turn down.

It helps that he has a few cousins already at the school as well.

Although he does not have a specific school picked out, he does know what he wants from the program he eventually chooses. A tight nit team is important to Stevens.

"I'm looking for a team with a real family atmosphere," Stevens said. "I want a place where the players stick together as a team. I am also looking for a place that has a solid football program." Although he is at 290 already, Stevens wants to get stronger.

One thing he does not need to work on is his motor.

"My strength is my aggression," Stevens said. "I have a high level of intensity that I play with. I go hard on every play."

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