Johnson having fun

One might assume that for an Arizonan, moving to Tucson would not be as big of an adjustment as someone from Southern California or Michigan would. While that is true in terms of the weather, adjusting to life as a college basketball player is never easy.

Zane Johnson is making that adjustment. The Phoenix-area wing is one of four Wildcat freshmen enrolled in summer school classes and getting used to the rigors of the Wildcat workout schedule.

"It's a big change," Johnson said of college life. "The classes are easy. The workout schedule is tough. Waking up early and not getting home until seven or eight a clock at night, that is a little tough."

The players have been getting up as early as 4:30 in the morning to make sure they are on time for their workouts.

One thing the players have been doing is playing a lot of pick-up. For Johnson and fellow Phoenix product Jarryd Bayless, it has been a bit of an adjustment. The two have not been playing a lot of pick-up, instead they had been working more on their fundamentals.

"Pick-up has been good," Johnson said. "It has been an adjustment. The competition has been a lot better. I find it harder to get easier shots. I have to work for them a lot more."

One of the big benefits of the pick-up has been going up against the talented Wildcat wings, especially Jawann McClellan, who has been in town the whole time Johnson has.

"Going up against Jawann has really helped me a lot, especially with quickness, laterally," Johnson explained. "It will be good for the season."

One adjustment he and Bayless do not have to make is getting used to the weather. In fact, for the two Phoenicians, it is actually cooler.

"It's a lot nicer down here," Johnson admitted. "At nighttime when we go out walking around, it is perfect. It is not hot at all, in Phoenix it is still over 100 degrees."

Despite working hard, he and his fellow freshmen are having a blast.

"It is a good time so far," Johnson said. "Yeah, it's a lot of fun."

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