Recruiting update

More news on David Padgett, Omar Wilkes and Brian Butch.<BR> It's coming down to "crunch time" and the coaches are getting very restless. Josh Pastner visited David Padgett last Friday and today another coach snuck out of Tucson on a last second mission to secure a top-rated player.

That last second mission was once again to make inroads in the quest to bring David Padgett to the University of Arizona. A source close to the UA Basketball program told me that assistant coach Rodney Tention was the missionary this time. Tention flew to Reno, Nev. today and met with David and his father. Apparently the mission was successful.

Apparently Padgett has dropped Stanford and North Carolina is a whisker away from elimination too. That makes it a Kansas vs. Arizona race for Padgett. This is even more statling news to some who have been reading the North Carolina message baords where it's been reported that Padgett has dropped Arizona and Stanford. That is NOT the case.

Here's a couple of predictions that might shock you……Omar Wilkes to UCLA and David Padgett to Arizona!!! Wilkes visited UCLA last weekend and has cancelled his scheduled visit to Stanford. I would expect Wilkes to make an announcement for UCLA next week.

With that, I have to expect Padgett might be favoring Arizona. I personally believe North Carolina is out and if Padgett were going to KU Wilkes would not be going to UCLA.

My sources also tell me Brian Butch favors Arizona just slightly over North Carolina. Wisconsin still has to be considered a contender, but the Badgers are fighting an uphill battle against two of basketball's elite programs.

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