2007 schedule breakdown

On Monday's edition of "In The House" on 1290 a.m. we broke down the Wildcats' schedule. We took a look at the games and looked at the probability of the Wildcats winning (or losing) each game.

Since we don't live in a black and white world, picking winners and losers was not enough. We rated the probability of the Cats winning from 0 (next to no chance to win) to 10 (next to no chance to lose).

The three voters on this were myself, John Schuster and Rob Lantz.

0 – No chance to win
1,2 – Almost sure losses
3 – Win would be an upset
4 – Hard game to call, but a possible loss
5 – Coin flip game
6 – Hard game to call, but a win is probable 7 – Win expected
8,9 – Almost a surefire win
10 –No chance to lose

at BYU We all agree that BYU is a quality program, but one that will probably not be quite as good as they were a year ago after losing their top quarterback, receiver and running back. In the end we all feel that a good Pac-10 team should overcome a good Mountain West team. The fact that this is a road game and that BYU is familiar with the spread, benefits the score for the Cougars.
Allis: 7 Schuster: 6 Lantz: 6
Overall: 6.3 Arizona should win, but it won't be easy.

Northern Arizona Barring a massive case of food poisoning, the Cats will win this football game. Beware of caterers wearing blue and gold.
Allis: 10 Schuster: 10 Lantz: 10
Overall: 10 This is why you schedule I-AA teams.

New Mexico The Lobos are a quality team from the MWC, but they should not be able to compete with the Cats. Arizona should have more depth and more overall speed.
Allis: 8 Schuster: 8 Lantz: 9
Overall: 8.3 No one believes it will be a blowout, but it won't be a nail biter either.

at California Cal lost some key players, but seems to have quality replacements. The fact that this is a revenge game could also come into play. A lot could depend on the play of Cal QB Nate Longshore who has been up and down in his career.
Allis: 3 Schuster: 3 Lantz: 3
Overall: 3 In the end we all believe Cal will win, but we thought that a year ago as well.

Washington State: None of us could really wrap our head around the Cougars. They have some potential, but a lot of questions to answer. Add to that the fact that this series has always been weird and this one is not an easy call.
Allis: 6 Schuster: 6 Lantz: 7
Overall: 6.3 To get where they want to go, the Cats must beat the Cougs. We think they will.

at Oregon State Some feel the Beavers will be great, others think they will miss Matt Moore. We seem to be in between. They still have Stroughter and Bernard, but the QB position is a bit of a question.
Allis: 5 Schuster: 4 Lantz: 4
Overall: 4.6 Oregon State gets the nod at home.

at USC We all agreed that USC is the best team in America, but the Cats have fared pretty well against the Trojans. A road game makes this one tough as well.
Allis: 1 Schuster: 2 Lantz: 2
Overall: 1.6 We all feel USC will win, and probably win convincingly, but we also feel the Cats will make the Trojans work for the win.

Stanford As good as USC is, Stanford could be that bad. They were bad last year and will really miss Trent Edwards. Too bad for the Cardinal that Jim Harbaugh can't suit up for them.
Allis: 9 Schuster: 9 Lantz: 9
Overall: 9 This one did not take a lot of thought. Cats win convincingly.

at Washington The Huskies appear to be still rebuilding, but the Cats lost to them last year and have had a strange recent history with the team from Seattle, including two straight losses.
Allis: 7 Schuster: 8 Lantz: 8
Overall: 7.3 Thank goodness Isaiah Stanback is gone. We think the Cats will win, even if the game is on the road.

UCLA We all think the Bruins are loaded with talent, but they also have struggled to turn the corner. They return a lot of starters from last year, but Karl Dorrell needs to prove he can coach a top-tier team.
Allis: 3 Schuster: 3 Lantz: 4
Overall: 3.3 The lone home game we feel the Cats will lose. In the end the Bruins just have a little more overall talent.

Oregon Another team we can't get a great read on. The Cats dominated them a year ago and there are still some serious questions about the Ducks. Still, they have talent and a load of potential. Arizona has played them tough in Stoops' three seasons.
Allis: 6 Schuster: 6 Lantz: 6
Overall: 6Tough one to call, but in the end we like the Cats at home.

at ASU The first and only split decision. Although we all agree that the Devil offense will be good and the defense will be iffy, we are not sure how this one plays out.
Allis: 5 Schuster: 4 Lantz: 6
Overall: 5Schu likes the Devils at home, Lantz can't bring himself to pick the Devils and Brad took the easy way out.

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