Summer Football Notes

With fall camp just a few weeks away, the team is really starting to take shape. Thanks to amazing participation in voluntary summer workouts, we already know a lot about this team.

Biggest surprise so far in workouts is none other than William 'Bug' Wright. Word is he is fast and consistent at the WR spot, he catches the ball and blew right by one of the young DB's on a play (with no juke, just blew by him).

Wright is in line at the slot as a backup but could/should see snaps as a true frosh. He and Michael Turner are backing up none other than B.J. Dennard at the spot. Apparently B.J. has developed into a pretty good leader and has taken to the new offense and the new staff and he is making the most of his second chance after temporarily leaving the team last season.

Biggest non-surprise so far is Rob Gronkowski. The kid is a beast and should be the starting TE moments after camp begins. He does EVERYTHING well already. Along with Gronkowski, Brandyn McCall seems to be ahead of the rest of the pack. Although Tanner Bell and A.J. Simmons are doing well "Gronk" and McCall seem poised to carry the group. Kris Heavner looks good and is probably the #2 right now. Tyler Lyon has struggled some but is very smart and talented and should be in the thick of the battle to back up Willie Tuitama. Freshman Bryson Beirne is coming along and already knows the offense.

Wilrey Fontenot is back and looking good at CB. Antoine Cason is being Antoine Cason on the other side and Nelson should have the nickel spot locked up. His timing is great and if a ball is caught he is on the receiver before he has a chance to make any kind of move. Expect Nelson to entertain people this year.

Thanks to the absolute amazing strength and depth of the secondary it is making the intricacies of the offense show themselves early and often for the receivers. Going up against a group as talented and as deep as UA's is going to help since it is the best group they will face all year.

Chris Jennings and Xavier Smith have been splitting reps, but Jennings is #1 and has looked pretty good.

Nicolas Grigsby has looked alright at RB and he has also been hitting in the batting cages. He could make a run at playing for Andy Lopez as well.

Joseph Reese is every bit as fast and athletic as his big brother Terrell, but he has work to do. He had two very torn up shoulders his senior season so he is a tad underweight and not strong enough yet but will improve greatly with Cory Edmonds and crew.

One person told me that the best position to watch in practice is the WRs , "It is like watching kids at a high school party scatter when the cops show up, its funny as hell and it works."

After some struggles the past season, Adrian McCovy has apparently gotten focused and has also has gained some weight. He has been playing well but he hasn't lost his "talkative" nature

Defensively it looks like Kaniela Tuipulotu could end up seeing time but you never know till fall camp. The ends have all looked good with Louis Holmes and Johnathan Turner really being impressive and Jason Parker just being the steady fifth year senior you would expect him to be. Parker will never wow you or drop your jaw but he is just a great teammate and a leader that leads vocally and by example.

. Right now, and this is ALWAYS subject to change, the starting Ol is, from left to right, Peter Granielo (LT), James Tretheway (LG), Blake Kerley (C), Joe Longacre (RG) and Eben Britton (RT). The backup tackles are Daniel Borg, Adam Grant and Cody Anderson. Grant has been officially cleared to play after suffering a knee injury earlier in the year. The backup guards are Jovon Hayes (RG), Conan Amituanai (LG) and floating between tackle and guard is Borg. Colin Baxter has yet to make up more ground on Kerley and is still the backup center.

As you may already know, DE Michael Shelton has left the team. He was held out of spring ball and has had some academic difficulties.

Word is there is some serious itching to hit the field for real and put on the pads and do some popping and real hitting. Guys flat out cannot wait any longer to get this season going.

Brad Allis contributed to this report

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