Game Talk: Arizona 14, North Texas 9

The Wildcats barely beat a gutsy North Texas team. Although the Wildcats were outplayed, they made enough big plays to pull out a 14-9 win. Wildcat and Mean Green players and coaches had a lot to say about the game.

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On the close game:

"This was a real hard game…North Texas played Texas and Alabama and they played them close. They played them well and we knew they would be tough and ready to play."—John Mackovic

"What can we say, a win is a win. We dreamed of being 4-0, but that didn't happen. There's nothing wrong with being 3-1."—UA QB Jason Johnson

"North Texas is a good team. We played the best we could against them. A win is a win. We can't expect to beat them by 60."—UA RB Mike Bell

"North Texas is a good team. We weren't doing what we needed to do. The defense gave a decent effort, but it wasn't enough effort for next week."—UA DB Gary Love

"I'm proud of my team every week because they play hard. But it's very difficult to win on the road for a number of reasons."—North Texas Head Coach Darrell Dickey

Troubles in the red zone:

"In the red zone we had running troubles. You can't just throw it in. We were having troubles running the ball at them."—Mackovic

"We weren't getting it done in the red zone. Not scoring in the red zone puts more stress on the offense to score outside the red zone."—UA WR Bobby Wade

On playing Oregon next week:

"We'll be ready to play Oregon on Saturday. We have this week to get better."—Wade

"I know my team. We will be ready to face Oregon next week. We're going to fix some things this week and we will get better."—Bell

"We will play as good or better teams (in conference play) than (North Texas), but this was a good test."—Mackovic

Injury situation:

"We had a lot of guys injured tonight. (Lance) Briggs' ankle, (Darrell) Brooks' back, Clarence Farmer might have popped his cartilage, and we'll see how it is. We will try to get an MRI done as soon as possible. Brad Brittain had his knee injured also. It was a hard game. This is the time of year when players start to get beat up."--Mackovic

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